Zara TRF Lookbook for April & the Project Zara People!

The TRF collection from Zara houses for us again and again nice basics, more denim and often more pieces when compared to the main line. Casual, seems to be the motto of the Department young and loose and for that we love it. The April Lookbook which is TRF collection for a long time in circulation and yet it me somehow escaped: actually, it builds on its predecessors of look books, can but still not really stand out. Colourful is’s again. Easily also. But definitely somehow no crackers.

Certainly, in the closet all that might somehow but now extra to hang Zara pilgrimage or call out even Favorites or have want to pieces. No. We are meanwhile waiting’s Mai Lookbook. Yes also won’t take long. But dear TRF collection, you save we this April perhaps the money anhaufen times out. Or how do you see that?

What I however strongly wants to put you in the heart, Zara is jüngt implemented project Zara people!, which themselves each week your favorite look you can upload your since March. Condition: At least two parts of the outfit must come from the latest summer collection. In addition to the publication, you can also win 300 Euro! If it even there is no incentive, his own website (if available) and his outfit to make public and incidentally a little money for new pieces to get hold of.

This of course reminds us of and the beloved Street style photos, but with the advantage that you can buy watched Zara Favorites directly in the shop!

Super source of inspiration, super Lookbook and a successful marketing strategy of the company. Let’s take a look!