Wyoming – The Equality State

Wyoming – The Equality State

The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne, it is the largest city in the state. A tent camp was erected on the site of the present city on July 4, 1867 as a shelter for the builders of the Union Pacific Railroad. This was the beginning of a settlement that grew into the current city. Wyoming was originally settled by Native American tribes. After that, the region was in French hands for a long time. Most of the state was acquired by the United States in 1803 through a transaction that has come to be known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Wyoming formally became the 44th state of the United States on July 10, 1890. The state is named after the Wyoming Valley in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the first settlers in the state are said to have come from. In 1869, Wyoming was the very first region in the United States to introduce women’s suffrage.

Grand Teton National Park

According to EJIAXING, Grand Teton National Park is located in the state of Wyoming. One has to go to the northwestern side of the state for that. The park received its status in 1929, when it was a lot smaller than it is today. The former park consisted of some mountains and a strip of lowland. In 1950, the Jackson Hole National Monument was added to the park to cover an area of ​​1,256 square kilometers. The park starts 11 km south of Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton Mountains are largely located in the park. The park contains eight large lakes and various mountain lakes, snowfields, glaciers and coniferous forests. There is also a valley known as Jackson Hole with a beautiful nature. The Grand Teton Mountains are among the youngest mountains in the United States. Furthermore, the Snake River also runs through the area.

The area runs along a fault line in the Earth’s crust. In May and June the temperatures are quite low, while only two months later it can sometimes get very hot in the park. In the following months the temperature drops again so it goes without saying that July and August are the busiest months in the park. In September one will have no trouble finding a place to sleep. The American trapper John Colter was probably the first white person to explore this area in the early 19th century. The first settlers followed in 1884 and the town of Jackson was a fact in 1897.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has a name to uphold, although it does not have to do much for it because it is the very first National Park in the world. It was created in 1872. With an area of ​​8,987 square kilometers it is also a large park and it is also one of the most visited parks in the United States. Most of the park is located in the state of Wyoming, but Montana and Idaho also have the honor of having part of the park on their territory. The area is part of the Rocky Mountains.

The central part of this large park is a volcanic plateau bordered by mountain ranges on the south-north and north-west sides. The main attractions in the park are the hot fountains that make up the largest geyser basin in the world. These fountains spray piping hot water upwards every now and then. There are also fountains that only bubble and simmer.

The biggest attraction is one of the fountains named Old Faithful. This fountain faithfully spouts its water every seventy-eight minutes to a height of 45 meters. In four minutes, this fountain produces about 40,000 to 50,000 liters of hot water. In total there are ten thousand hot springs and two hundred geysers in the entire park. Furthermore, the park also has so-called vents and hot mud pots which means nothing more than warm mud pits. There are also petrified trees in the park. By the way, these trees are petrified in a vertical position and this part of the park is known as Obsidian Cliff. There is also the impressive Yellowstone Lake and a number of beautiful waterfalls to admire. The mighty Yellowstone River also runs through the area.

The flag of Wyoming

Wyoming – The Equality State

Extra information

  • State flower: Indian paintbrush
  • State tree: Plains cottonwood
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State insect: Western swallowtail butterfly
  • Wyoming state slogan: The Equality State
  • Member of the union since: July 10, 1890