Washington County, Rhode Island ZIP Codes

Washington County, located in the southern part of Rhode Island, encompasses several towns and communities, each with its own distinct postal codes (ZIP codes). These postal codes are essential for accurate mail delivery, geographic identification, and navigation. It’s important to note that ZIP codes can change or be updated over time, so for the most current and accurate information, it’s recommended to consult official postal services or local resources. Here’s an overview of some of the ZIP codes in Washington County, Rhode Island:

  1. Westerly (ZIP Codes: 02808, 02891): Westerly, one of the larger towns in Washington County, has multiple ZIP codes. According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, the 02808 ZIP code covers parts of Westerly, while the 02891 ZIP code encompasses the majority of the town. Westerly is known for its beautiful coastline, vibrant downtown, and cultural attractions.
  2. Narragansett (ZIP Codes: 02874, 02882): Narragansett, a coastal town, is associated with two ZIP codes. The 02874 ZIP code covers parts of the town, while the 02882 ZIP code includes the main area. Narragansett is renowned for its beaches, seaside atmosphere, and recreational opportunities.
  3. South Kingstown (ZIP Codes: 02879, 02880): South Kingstown is another significant town in Washington County with two primary ZIP codes. The 02879 ZIP code covers parts of the town, while the 02880 ZIP code includes the central area. South Kingstown offers a mix of suburban and rural environments, with access to beaches and outdoor activities.
  4. Charlestown (ZIP Code: 02813): Charlestown is associated with the 02813 ZIP code. This coastal town features beautiful landscapes, wildlife preserves, and opportunities for boating and fishing.
  5. Hopkinton (ZIP Code: 02804): Hopkinton has the 02804 ZIP code and is known for its rural character, historic sites, and outdoor recreational areas.
  6. North Kingstown (ZIP Codes: 02852, 02854, 02874): North Kingstown is a larger town with several ZIP codes. The 02852 ZIP code covers parts of North Kingstown, while the 02854 ZIP code encompasses the main area. The 02874 ZIP code also overlaps with parts of North Kingstown. The town offers a mix of suburban and rural communities, along with waterfront access.
  7. Richmond (ZIP Code: 02832): Richmond is associated with the 02832 ZIP code and is characterized by its rural landscapes, farmlands, and natural beauty.
  8. Exeter (ZIP Code: 02822): Exeter has the 02822 ZIP code and is known for its rural and agricultural character.

These are some of the notable towns and their corresponding ZIP codes in Washington County, Rhode Island. Keep in mind that ZIP codes can change, so it’s advisable to verify the latest information from official sources, such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) or local government agencies. Accurate ZIP codes are crucial for ensuring that mail and packages are correctly addressed and delivered to their intended destinations.

Road Network in Washington County, Rhode Island

Washington County, located in the southern part of Rhode Island, features a well-developed road network that connects its towns, communities, and coastal areas. This road system plays a vital role in supporting transportation, commerce, and access to the county’s scenic attractions. Here’s an overview of the road network in Washington County:

  1. Interstate and U.S. Highways: Washington County is served by several major roadways, including Interstate 95 (I-95), which runs through the western part of the county. According to SimplyYellowpages, I-95 is a major north-south corridor that provides access to neighboring states and metropolitan areas. U.S. Route 1 (US-1) is another significant route that traverses the county and follows the coastline, offering scenic views and access to coastal towns.
  2. State Routes: A network of state routes connects various towns and communities within Washington County. These routes provide access to both urban and rural areas, facilitating local travel and regional connectivity. Examples of state routes include Route 138, which connects the county to Newport and the eastern part of the state, and Route 4, which offers access to the northern part of Rhode Island.
  3. Coastal Roads: Washington County’s road network includes scenic coastal roads that offer picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean. These roads, such as Route 1A and Ocean Road, provide access to coastal communities, beaches, and waterfront attractions.
  4. Local Roads and Streets: Local roads and streets crisscross the entire county, providing access to residential neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and cultural sites. These roads play a crucial role in supporting daily commuting, local businesses, and community activities.
  5. Tourist Routes: Given the county’s coastal and historic attractions, there are designated tourist routes that guide visitors to points of interest. These routes may highlight historic landmarks, cultural sites, and natural attractions, encouraging exploration and tourism.
  6. Access to Recreational Areas: The road network provides access to various recreational areas within the county. Roads lead to state parks, nature preserves, hiking trails, and beaches, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor activities and natural beauty.
  7. Rural Roads and Scenic Drives: Washington County’s rural roads and scenic drives offer opportunities for leisurely drives through picturesque landscapes. These roads wind through farmlands, forests, and coastal vistas, providing a relaxing and immersive experience.
  8. Emergency Services and Public Safety: The road network is crucial for emergency services and public safety. Law enforcement, fire departments, and medical personnel rely on accessible roads to provide timely assistance to residents in need.
  9. Commercial and Industrial Access: The road system supports commercial and industrial activities in the county. Roads provide access to industrial parks, commercial districts, and business centers, facilitating the movement of goods and services.
  10. Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvements: Local authorities and transportation agencies work to maintain and improve the road network, addressing road maintenance, repair, and expansion projects to ensure safe and efficient travel.

It’s important to note that road conditions, construction projects, and infrastructure developments may change over time. For the most up-to-date and accurate information about the road network in Washington County, it’s recommended to consult local transportation authorities, county offices, or state agencies responsible for transportation planning and maintenance.

Major Schools in Washington County, Rhode Island

Washington County, located in the southern part of Rhode Island, is home to a variety of educational institutions that provide a diverse range of learning opportunities for students of all ages. These schools, from primary education to higher learning, play a vital role in shaping the intellectual and social fabric of the county. Here’s an overview of some of the major schools in Washington County, Rhode Island:

  1. University of Rhode Island (URI): The University of Rhode Island, commonly referred to as URI, is a major public research university with its main campus in Kingston, Washington County. Established in 1892, URI offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in various fields, including arts and sciences, engineering, business, health sciences, and more. The university’s Coastal Institute and Graduate School of Oceanography align with the county’s coastal environment, emphasizing marine and environmental sciences.
  2. South Kingstown School District: According to maternitytips, the South Kingstown School District serves as a primary provider of K-12 education in the county. The district operates several elementary, middle, and high schools, including South Kingstown High School. These schools offer comprehensive academic programs, extracurricular activities, and support services to promote student success and development.
  3. Narragansett School System: The Narragansett School System encompasses schools that serve students from kindergarten through high school. Narragansett High School provides a range of educational opportunities, preparing students for higher education and future careers. The district emphasizes academic excellence, community involvement, and a well-rounded education.
  4. Chariho Regional School District: While not entirely within Washington County, the Chariho Regional School District serves parts of Washington County, including the town of Richmond. Chariho High School offers a diverse range of academic and extracurricular programs, fostering a sense of community and engagement among students.
  5. Private and Parochial Schools: Washington County is home to several private and parochial schools that provide alternative educational options. These schools offer specialized curricula, religious instruction, and smaller class sizes, catering to different educational philosophies and needs.
  6. Higher Education Opportunities: In addition to the University of Rhode Island, Washington County residents have access to nearby higher education institutions. Brown University, Providence College, and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), located in nearby Providence, offer a variety of academic programs for those pursuing higher education.
  7. Community and Technical Colleges: Community and technical colleges in neighboring areas, such as the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI), offer associate degree programs and vocational training options for individuals seeking practical skills and workforce readiness.
  8. Educational Support Services: Washington County is served by educational support services, including intermediate units and special education programs, to ensure that students with diverse learning needs receive the resources and assistance necessary for their academic success.

It’s important to note that educational institutions and programs may have evolved. New initiatives, curriculum changes, or schools may have been established, and existing institutions may have undergone updates. To obtain the most up-to-date information about the major schools in Washington County, Rhode Island, it’s recommended to consult local education authorities, school district websites, and relevant government agencies. These sources can provide current details about educational offerings, enrollment procedures, and any recent developments in the county’s educational landscape.

Attractions in Washington County, Rhode Island

Washington County, located in the picturesque southern part of Rhode Island, boasts a diverse array of attractions that celebrate its coastal charm, historical significance, and natural beauty. From pristine beaches to historic sites and cultural gems, the county offers a variety of experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s an overview of some of the notable attractions in Washington County, Rhode Island:

  1. Narragansett Town Beach: Narragansett Town Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers, offering pristine sandy shores and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing, as well as explore nearby cafes and boutiques.
  2. Block Island: Accessible by ferry, Block Island is a charming and unspoiled destination known for its stunning landscapes, rolling hills, and scenic beaches. Visitors can explore hiking trails, visit the iconic Southeast Lighthouse, and revel in the island’s relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Point Judith Lighthouse: This historic lighthouse, perched atop a rocky promontory, is a symbol of the area’s maritime heritage. The lighthouse offers breathtaking ocean views and a glimpse into the county’s nautical history.┬áVisit itypemba for geography and history about Rhode Island.
  4. South County Museum: Located in Narragansett, the South County Museum showcases the region’s heritage through exhibits, artifacts, and historic buildings. The museum provides insights into the county’s agricultural, maritime, and cultural history.
  5. Ninigret Park: This expansive park in Charlestown offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, and a freshwater pond for swimming and fishing.
  6. Wilcox Park: Situated in downtown Westerly, Wilcox Park is a beautifully landscaped oasis that hosts concerts, events, and features lush gardens, walking paths, and a pond.
  7. University of Rhode Island (URI) Botanical Gardens: URI’s Botanical Gardens offer a diverse collection of plants, including themed gardens, a Japanese garden, and opportunities for educational exploration.
  8. Rhode Island State Beaches: Washington County is home to several state beaches, including East Beach, Scarborough State Beach, and Roger W. Wheeler State Beach. These beaches provide a variety of recreational activities, from swimming and sunbathing to picnicking and beach sports.
  9. Rail Explorers USA: Rail Explorers offers a unique adventure where visitors pedal specially designed rail bikes along historic railway tracks, enjoying scenic vistas and coastal views.
  10. The Towers: Located in Narragansett, The Towers is a historic landmark and event venue with stunning architectural details. It hosts concerts, dances, weddings, and other cultural events.
  11. Galilee Fishing Village: Galilee is a vibrant fishing village known for its fresh seafood, fishing charters, and ferry service to Block Island. Visitors can watch boats come in with their catches and savor local delicacies.
  12. Kingsland Wildlife Management Area: This natural area in South Kingstown offers opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, and enjoying Rhode Island’s diverse ecosystems.
  13. Historic Wickford Village: Wickford Village features well-preserved colonial architecture, art galleries, boutiques, and waterfront dining, providing a charming setting for shopping and exploration.
  14. Quonochontaug Breachway: This scenic spot in Charlestown is popular for fishing, boating, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets over Quonochontaug Pond.
  15. Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park: Yawgoo Valley offers seasonal activities, including skiing and snowboarding in the winter and water slides and attractions in the summer.

These attractions offer a mere glimpse of the diverse experiences that await in Washington County, Rhode Island. Whether you’re interested in coastal leisure, historical exploration, outdoor adventures, or cultural immersion, the county provides a rich tapestry of offerings that celebrate its unique character and appeal. To ensure the most up-to-date information about attractions, events, and offerings in Washington County, it’s advisable to consult local tourism resources, event calendars, or official websites.