Vermont Interesting Places and Maps

Map of Vermont

Historically interesting place

Old Constitution House
The Old Constitution House is located in the small town of Windsor, which is located in the county of the same name near New Hampshire. To date, it has a very special meaning for the state – it is the birthplace of the Vermont Constitution. However, the town of Windsor is not only important for the state of Vermont, but great American history was also written in the Old Constitution House. The 1777 Constitution was the first to ban slave labor in the United States and to grant men the right to vote without owning land. The old 18th century Gregorian house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 and is now open to visitors.

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Special buildings and structures

Pulp Mill Bridge
The nearly 60 m long Pulp Mill Bridge is a covered wooden bridge built in 1820 between the small neighborhoods of Middlebury and Weybridge in Addison County. It is the only two-lane bridge in Vermont and serves as employee access to the Shellburne Museum, which has included the nearby small Pulp Mill waterfall in Otter Creek in its gallery. Because of the heavy rainfall in Vermont, the bridge has to be renewed and overhauled regularly and is therefore often closed to rush hour traffic.

Vermont State Capitol in Montpelier
The Vermont State Capitol or Vermont Statehouse with its pompous gold leaf dome and large column front is considered one of the most beautiful government buildings in the USA. It is located in the capital, Montpelier and is the seat of the Vermont General Assembly – the general assembly of the state. The government building was built in 1833 by the architects Ammi Burham Young and Thomas Silloway in the Greek Revival style, which is particularly popular in the United States and Great Britain. However, the Greek Revival style can also be found in Germany. B. the Brandenburg Gate by Carl Gotthard Langhans, whose 6 pillars are characteristic of the style, among other things. The state house in Montpelier is also affectionately called the People’s House.

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