US 302 in Vermont

US 302 in Vermont


US 302
Get started Montpelier
End Wells River
Length 38 mi
Length 61 km
MontpelierWells River

New Hampshire

US 302 is a US Highway in the US state of Vermont. The road forms a secondary east-west route between the state capital Montpelier and the New Hampshire border at Wells River. The route is 61 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins at the intersection with US 2, just outside the capital Montpelier. The US 302 then runs a bit south, to the town of Barre. The road then runs through the forested Green Mountains to the east, and is called the WM. Scott Memorial Highway. There are no large towns on the route, and only a few other roads are crossed. Wells River crosses Interstate 91 and parallel US 5, which runs from White River Junction in the south to St. Johnsbury and Sherbrooke in the north. Then US 302 crosses the Connecticut River, also the border with New Hampshire. US 302 in New Hampshire then continues to Littleton.

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US 302 was added to the network in 1935. The starting point has always been the capital Montpelier.

US 302 in Vermont