Tour Florida: the Sunshine State

Tour of Florida

According to smber, Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US. The state is known for its wonderful weather, many amusement parks and beautiful beaches. Most of Florida is on a peninsula surrounded by three bodies of water: the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Florida Straits. Alabama and Georgia are bordering states and close by are the Bahamas and Cuba. In short, there is a lot to see during a tour of Florida!

Tip: visit these cities in Florida

There are many fantastic cities to visit during your tour of Florida. Take a look at famous places like Miami, Orlando, Key West and Naples. A visit to these bustling cities makes your Florida tour complete!


Pack your beach bag because snow-white beaches are waiting for you.. Miami is a jet set destination, where seeing and being seen is popular. That means you can feast your eyes on expensive cars and expensive people, especially on Ocean Drive. The Art Deco District and Little Havana neighborhoods show a completely different side of Miami. In the Everglades National Park you can spot alligators in the swamps.


The Florida Keys consist of 1700 small islands. The last inhabited island of this is Key West. From the center of Miami you can reach Key West in 3 hours on US highway 1. Complete your Florida tour by driving this beautiful route and visiting this relaxed town with a tropical vibe.


Orlando is a must visit if you are a fan of theme parks. Are you going on a trip to Florida with a child? Then you definitely have to go to Orlando! You will find Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove and many more theme parks here!


From Miami you can be in Naples within 2 hours, right through the Everglades nature reserve. In this coastal town you will find the Naples Pier, where you can spot wild dolphins for free. You also have fantastic beaches and nature reserves.

Florida trip with kids

Florida is one of the best states in America to visit with kids. This is not only because of all the theme parks, but also because of the beaches and nature parks in Florida.


Florida is considered the flattest state in the US but with one of the largest variations of flora and fauna. The highest point in the state is Britton Hill at 105 meters high. Popular natural areas include the swampy Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys with snow-white sand beaches. Mangroves, salt marshes and lakes such as Lake George and Lake Okeechobee surround you during your Florida tour. The islands of Captiva Island and Sannibal are also very worthwhile during your tour. Here you will find the most colorful shells and a great diversity of wildlife.

There are many special animals to discover in Florida, especially in Everglades National Park. American alligators and crocodiles, otters, black bears, the bald eagle and pelicans are just a few of the many beautiful animals you will encounter here. There is also a lot to discover at the sea, there is a good chance that you will spot dolphins, manatees, whales or sea turtles during your tour! In addition, a tour of Florida is a must for bird lovers: you will encounter the Florida Scrub Jay, cranes, ibises and eagles here, among others!


Hardly anywhere does culture reflect history as well as in Florida. The population is very diverse and consists of white Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Cubans, Indians and people from the Caribbean. This colorful population was created by, among other things, the arrival of the Europeans and slavery. Descendants of the Indians who lived here (including Apalachee, Timuca, Tocobaga and Calusa) are also part of the population.

Most of Florida adheres to the Christian faith, followed by a non-religious group. This state has the highest percentage of people aged 65 and over, which mainly consists of retired military personnel. Due to the wonderful climate, this is a popular place to live for retired elderly people and tourists. It is not for nothing that tourism and transport are very important for the state and its economy.


The Sunshine State owes its slogan to the many hours of sunshine that make the state very popular. Florida has several climates. The largest part has a warm maritime climate, the southwest has a monsoon climate and the southeast has a subtropical climate. The summers are warm and the winters mild, so a trip through Florida is possible all year round. In summer the temperature can rise to more than 35 degrees! Especially around Miami it gets very stuffy with such temperatures: the humidity is high. Hurricanes occasionally occur in Florida, particularly in the south and east.

Tour of Florida

Whoever makes a tour through Florida is assured of an unforgettable adventure! Must-see attractions include Everglade National Park, Castille de San Marcos, and Lowry Park Zoo. You should also not miss the popular theme parks Disney Land, SeaWorld, Hollywood Studios and Wet ‘n Wild during your tour through Florida.

A popular route across the state begins in Miami, where you can enjoy yourself for days. Then you drive to Orlando in the north and you can visit cities and nature reserves even further north. However, most people head south again after Orlando. With a stop in Naples you finally arrive at National Park Everglades. As your final destination, you will visit the Floriday Keys, the perfect end to your Florida tour!

Tour of Florida