Tip: Breaking the Monotony with a Single Piece Colorful

If we consider the black, white, grey, beige and blue (jeans) as neutral colors in men’s fashion (which may seem absurd, but it is a reality, since in most cases they dispense with the combination with the others that are being used) we can admit that man, most often, opts for neutrality, as their refuge and fashion are the jeans, the khaki pants, the suits of grey and the white t-shirts.

Tip Breaking the Monotony with a Single Piece Colorful

Often these combinations are great and I support completely their use, after all there is nothing wrong with them, but after a while the man that acquires information of fashion just getting tired of the common place and begins to feel a popsicle chayote. However, it is not need too much to give up on the visual, usually a single piece in a vivid colour already makes all the difference, passing, with little to no effort, the impression that you are the possessor a sense of bold style.

See below some looks selected by us where a touch of color makes all the difference:

A great mania male at the time of working brown is to opt for an overdose of beige, leather and honey tones. But what about inserting a piece of red in the middle of it all? The red conversation very well with the brown and its variations, do an experiment and see!


In the photo above a jeans might seem like the obvious choice, but a twill pants, lightweight with a little bit of color looks more stylish and funky. Who was not traumatized by the fever of the Restart and not be afraid of strong colors, has a full option of personality in the image below, which goes up to let the jeans more intense.

Who is not a fan of the colors flat, you can choose chess, mainly the large standard, which is more flashy, and extremely current.


I admit, the sports coat red is a suggestion that bold, but it is not out of the question, especially for those who like to draw the attention and know that the pieces that are neutral will help to lessen the shock, only not between in a Ferrari using a blazer of these, because there is already too much!


Not liked the tone more acrimonious? Do a test with a sober color like this gorgeous green! Outfits suits gain a touch of class with the shades as well.


A lot of people is a fan of jeans with jeans, but the combo, although cool, can receive an upgrade of an accessory so simple as practical: the scarf. The piece protects you from the cold and still have the advantage of drawing attention to your face thanks to its strong color.


Remember the pink shirt that is mentioned in another article of the Canal the Male? Your fans have here a good example of how to use it to break the ice blazer grey. Think well, if she was white the visual would be much more simplistic.