The Three Together Ces Are Possible This Winter: Comfort, Warmth and Class

In winter, rain and cold, making many times I forget of the style to the detriment of the comfort and warmth of my looks. Come on, what’s the walk I hot… apply it to me almost always. Today I look at the Isabel Marant that I like, but at the end of winter ideas are exhausted to me. So I’m looking for ideas in two of my favorite blogs:

The Gala recipe is easy: parka detail of hair and Biker boots, for a look that serves us even if it is snowing.

Also cool is the idea of combining hair jacket with color and chelsea boots. A look youthful and resistant to low temperatures.

Winter accessories are also essential: Wool Hat and scarf of pictures they are missing to a classic cloth coat. Maximum comfort on his feet with a sports shoe.

This wrap of pictures of Zara We went to many eyes. In addition to shelter, cool a lot.