The “Other” Business of Bloggers: Sell The Garments That You Give

It has to be stressful. Receive so many gifts brands that at the end you don’t have opening for them in your wardrobe. In addition, as a good devoted blogger, You can not repeat outfit, so there comes a time that you have to get rid of beautiful, expensive clothes and are as new. So you put a flea market or open an online shop, to sell that so required clothing for bloggers.


Some organized Street markets from time to time. Several well-known bloggers meet and take out the coveted parts of their wardrobes at good prices to get, on the one hand to get rid of clothes that no longer use, and by other, meet a good pinch of money, which hurt no one.

The truth is that they usually have things Rory and if you coincides in size you can get good bargains. What I don’t understand is how they have so many clothes. My closet It is much smaller and I usually almost always wear clothing until it just completely worn out. These markets have become at times working in part with good causes, which I think is a good idea.

With the garments of signatures and fashion have always find something that you fall in love with.

Resale of fashion on the internet

Other bloggers are so potent that they sold directly online your clothes. It is the case of The cherry blossom girl. Although, honestly, to spend $ 50 on a pair of shoes used for Zara, I prefer to buy them new, or go to Yoox to buy some brand new shoes, instead of paying 200 euros that French calls by some of their possessions from second hand.

Between two partners with much style they have mounted It & Vip, a site that brings authentic the Cabinet of famous jewelry and bloggers as Eugenia Silva, Bimba Bosé, Macarena Gea, Gala González, Miranda Makaroff or Tamara Falco, but in where anyone can sell your clothes, provided that it is quality and is in good condition (low cost is not permitted). The plus of the page is the celebrities to donate their profits to NGOs that they choose.

It is also worthwhile to stop by Chicfy, the clothing market largest of Spain. A web ordering you the garment by users, so you can have your Favorites, whose style and size more suited to yours. There we can find the clothes of Bartabac, For example.

Even there applications for mobile, as Depop, which provides that anyone can sell clothes from her wardrobe. Just take a picture and share it on social networks, and if like someone, you get to sell it. Also Wallapop works in a similar way, and you find vendors for proximity to the place where you are located. Chiara Ferragni clothing is on sale at Depop; with all the material that receives free, insurance selling vast amounts of clothing and accessories.

In the end, it is a way to recycle and reuse items, and give them a second life, so from the ecological point does not seem bad idea, but it is ethical for brands? The firms have given them are (and have been paid) to use them and look them up on the blog, not to do business with them. Well, do you think to put them on sale?

Do you think that they should do drawings or give it between his followers? would it be more generous to donate it to NGOs or charitable benefit? What other outputs will occur for that clothing of the bloggers?