The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Finland

Places to Visit in Finland

The northern part of Europe attracts with calming, but no less breathtaking nature, a variety of attractions and the unique culture of the Scandinavian countries. This country from the first minutes involves in an unusual rhythm of life, falls in love, disposes to an exciting adventure.

We have prepared the most popular travel destinations in Finland, which will be a good start for the first acquaintance with natural treasures, framed by architectural beauties. Here you can go to fabulous places where even adults will believe in miracles. You will discover amazing islands where ancient Viking settlements have been preserved. Finland is a highly developed country with close ties to wildlife.

Finland has a favorable location: it borders Sweden in the west and Russia in the east. This geographical feature opens up great opportunities for tourists, where you can go from Finland.

Weather in Finland: when is the best time to go

According to, the weather conditions of Suomi (that is how the Finns call their country) are pleasant. The mild climate of this country is well tolerated by adults and children. When choosing a location and time for a tour, take into account the trends in weather conditions in the country throughout the year: winter is mild, there is a lot of precipitation, the day length is no more than 4-5 hours, and summer is warm and dry.

In winter, the nature here is especially beautiful. Snow-covered cities and towns play with lights, as if inviting you to visit a local holiday or festival. New Year’s celebrations here turn into a real fairy-tale performance, of which you can become a part. Whether you travel to distant Lapland or spend an exciting weekend at the ski resorts of Pyhä, Salla or Vuokatti, your winter holiday in Finland will always remain a pleasant memory.

Traveling in Scandinavia in the off-season is conducive to a more relaxed, even detailed study of the sights. Finland in May, where we recommend going for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, will surprise you with a riot of colors in national parks and surroundings. At this time, the sun shines brightly here, and the temperature reaches +15ºС.

Natural conditions and moderate heat up to +25ºС in the resort towns in Finland in the summer, where you can go not only for active walks in nature, but also for a comfortable beach holiday, will appeal to everyone. The short warm summer is conducive to noisy holidays: parties and festivals are often held in Turku and Helsinki in the hottest month – July, because at this time there is the least rainfall.

Holidays for every taste: the main resorts of Finland

Suomi is a limitless abundance of tourist routes and family-friendly resorts, therefore, in order to choose what to see and where to go in Finland, it is important to decide on the time of year, your preferences and budget.

Frequent guests of this Scandinavian treasury of beautiful nature, framed by the waters of the Baltic Sea, suggest starting their journey from the capital. If you are thinking about where to go to Finland for the first time – choose the capital Helsinki with its ideal location.

Thanks to good infrastructure and comfort in ski resorts, Levi, Vuokatti, Ruka are the most popular cities in Finland, where it is better to go on vacation in Europe in winter. A winter adventure on the most beautiful snow-capped peaks will make you fall in love with this northern country forever.

Interesting excursions in Finland: what is worth seeing

Excursions in the summer in Finland offer a wide range of places to go for outdoor activities, for a family weekend or for a measured leisurely acquaintance with Finnish culture and customs. In warm weather, it’s just right to take a ferry ride to the islands, visit the ancient lighthouses of Bengtscher and Sederscher. Nuuksio National Park is a must-see place to visit in June in Finland if you have limited travel time.

Lapland – New Year’s fairy tale with Santa Claus

Do you want to spend a long-awaited vacation in an unusual, cozy and bewitching place? Lapland is a real fairy tale, where to go on vacation in Finland in winter is worth the whole family for the holidays.

In Rovaniemi you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, see the real residence of Santa Claus and give children an unforgettable fairy tale. For New Year and Christmas, this is the most popular destination in Finland.

Winter activities in the northern region of Suomi will dilute boring everyday life with pleasant memories. For adults and children it will be interesting:

  1. see the northern lights;
  2. visit the Arctic zoo;
  3. ride a sled with deer, huskies;
  4. make a wish to a real Finnish Santa Claus.

Beach holidays in Finland

The northern regions of Europe are often associated among tourists with cold and snow. We have selected the best places in Finland where it is comfortable and warm to relax on the beach in summer.

Exploring museums and walking in the Nuuksio National Park in Espoo can be diversified by relaxing by the sea on one of the 11 beaches, where you can bask on the warm sand, swim in the sea. Arriving in Pori in the summer, we recommend visiting the largest beach in Finland – Yuteri. The Åland Islands are also famous for their beach holidays with beautiful sandy beaches in the heart of the Baltic Sea.

To relax by the pond, we suggest going to Lake Saimaa, where not only tourists love to go in Finland, but also many local residents. And on the lakes Nasijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, in addition to the usual beach holiday, you can go fishing.

Helsinki: what to see in the Finnish capital

Finland is a top place where experienced travelers recommend to go on vacation in September abroad. Good weather at this time of the year here allows you to go on unforgettable excursions through the old streets, to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, to the Sveaborg fortress or the Söderscher lighthouse.

Helsinki is a capital that never stops developing. This city inspires, fills with energy, attracts with an amazing combination of architecture (a church in the rock, a monument to Sibelius), surrounded by the most beautiful nature of the archipelagos of more than 300 islands.

The capital of Finland is a place of bright holidays, art expositions, concerts and festivals (Summer bonfires of Seurasaari, SAMPO), so this is a great place to go for 1 day or a weekend to have a good time. But, at the same time, keep in mind that it is difficult to get to know the city better in such a short time, we recommend that you allocate more days for the tour.

Independent travel to Finland

You can travel to Finland for the first time on your own in large cities such as Turku or Porvoo. We also recommend going to fabulous Lapland, the northernmost region in Finland near the border with Sweden, which will be interesting to visit at any age. Experienced guides and tourists recommend Helsinki as the most youthful city, where it is better to go to Finland for the first time.

The fastest way to get to Finland on your own is by plane, and from St. Petersburg, Kyiv (with a transfer in Moscow) by train. You can also use a private car to travel to Finland, a bus, or a ferry. You can find out the cost of tickets for any type of transport and order them using the available Internet services.

Where to eat in Finland and how much it costs

Finnish cuisine is full of original national dishes. Having been in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea, it is impossible to refuse local seafood treats. You can try traditional dishes and drinks in cozy family restaurants where recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

The cost of lunch may vary depending on your order. If you want to eat inexpensively, we recommend buying a lunch or taking advantage of the buffet, which is offered in almost all restaurants.

How to find accommodation?

Holidays in Finland can be organized independently without booking a room in an expensive hotel. On special sites, you can choose and order a comfortable apartment or an old house on the lake.

If your budget is limited, camping is recommended. In the summer in Finland there are many places for budget tourists to stay with tents and small houses, there are also parking lots for “motorhomes”.

Car rent

Having chosen a city where to go to Finland for one day, renting a car will help solve the problem of how to have time to see the recommended attractions. Finland in December is a real snow desert, so when choosing where to go by car at this time of the year, you should be careful on the way.

Locals prefer to move around the city by bike in summer or by public transport, and excursions are held for small groups along specially planned walking routes. But, if you want to visit the islands, parks and lakes located outside the city, you can rent a car for a day or a few hours.

Traveling to Finland gives a sea of ​​emotions, a positive mood and unforgettable impressions that are definitely worth sharing.

Places to Visit in Finland