The Curious Life of Men Peacock of Pitti Uomo

In January 2016 we have a post titled “in The Footsteps in the Ball of the Men Who Visited the 89th Pitti Uomo“contrary to our customary photo galleries showing men the most elegant of the event. It happens that it is already being noticed there are a few issues that a lot of people circulates through one of the biggest events in men’s fashion in the world just to parade and be photographed by the press who prefer to do column to show the outstanding content offered at Pitti Uomo.

The Curious Life of Men Peacock of Pitti Uomo

As it could not leave of being, the battle for the attention of the cameras has overstepped the bounds of good taste, starting to generate stunts that call attention the wrong way, and spend the idea even more wrong much of the event as the men’s fashion. Even those who encouraged the eccentricities at the beginning, today condemns such an attitude, classifying these beings as the “Peacocks of Pitti”. The term has generated a fun video “mockumentary” that account, using language very like that characteristic of the documentary channel National Geographic,who is this “man peacock”, how it behaves, what he wears, and what are their motivations.

If your English is up to date, you can follow the video below for all the misadventures of this character that fight for 5 minutes of fame, or simply a photo on Instagram of others. It can be sad to see that many of them are wandering around the fair without eira nor beira, to the taste of the tide of photographers, check out:

The most interesting is to note how the fashion, an ideal instrument to increase self-esteem, and to express personality and sophistication, just, in the end, being more a vehicle of narcissism in an era in which everything seems to be centered on “I”, at the same time that people are increasingly concerned about tanned and followers. Ironically we have figures who see only themselves, and if you think the center of the universe, but which need the approval of others to self-affirm. It’s a paradox, fascinating!

Another curious thing is that already I have researched some of the guys who appear in the photos of these events, not only the international but also the national (hello SPFW) and many seem to have as their sole occupation in life appear in photos, some define themselves as producers of fashion, others as models, and there are still the influencers digital (bloggers and the like) but it is not a single reference to the work carried out by these beings, which leads us to new questions: what feeds on, as there is, who is sponsoring?I think that we will have to wait a new fun “mockumentary” to find out!

Author’s note

Is likely to someone using the old argument of “each dress how you want” and I must say that I agree with this, but it is not what is under discussion here, the above video aims to show how people become caricatures and exaggerated simply to appear at the Instagram of Joe’s Kale any and while attending an event seriously and professionally.

In Brazil we also see all sorts of “fashionistas” at the fashion weeks and I swear that I wanted to know where they are going to stop those looks in the rest of the year, as I don’t see crossing the Paulista with a jumpsuit poa and purple rubber rain boots lime green, that is, the clothing only comes out of the closet once or twice per year, equal to the fantasy of the Carnival. If it is to be a guy “diferentão”, so be always, do not wear a costume to pay modern, no enjoy it is the defeat that is to wear this mask!