United Kingdom Prehistory

United Kingdom Prehistory

November 7, 2021 directoryaah 0

According to Pharmacylib, the different phases of the Paleolithic of Great Britain are known for numerous and important deposits. Human remains (an occipital and two […]

U.K. Culture

U.K. Culture

September 30, 2021 directoryaah 0

Evidence of human culture has existed in the British Isles since the Stone Age, including impressive henge monuments such as Stonehenge. Linked to the cultural […]

English Music 2

English Music Part II

September 29, 2021 directoryaah 0

Important local representatives were the composer, organist and Bach admirer Samuel Wesley (* 1766, † 1837) and W. S. Bennett, who paved the way for […]

English Language 1

English Language Part I

September 29, 2021 directoryaah 0

English language, term for a Germanic language (with Romance enforcement) which, spreading from the British Isles, is spoken on all five continents; the language with […]

English Music 1

English Music Part I

September 28, 2021 directoryaah 0

English music, the music of the English-speaking and cultural area in Great Britain, the description of which generally also includes the independent developments in the […]

English Theater 1

English Theater Part I

September 27, 2021 directoryaah 0

English theater, a dozen arena-shaped theaters from the time of the Roman Empire and six stage theaters still preserved today (including that of Verulamium in […]

English Literature 7

English Literature Part VII

September 26, 2021 directoryaah 0

English literature Important works of English literature (selection) Middle English literature G. Chaucer: “The Canterbury tales” (started around 1387, printed around 1478; German “Canterbury stories”) […]

English Arts 7

English Arts Part VII

September 26, 2021 directoryaah 0

Plastic: English plastic played a relatively independent role in European development in the 20th century. H. Moore, one of the most important sculptors of the […]

English Arts 6

English Arts Part VI

September 25, 2021 directoryaah 0

Handicrafts and arts and crafts: Under the influence of J. Ruskin and Pugin, W. Morris sought a renewal of handicrafts (Arts and Crafts Movement). His […]

English Arts 5

English Arts Part V

September 24, 2021 directoryaah 0

Painting: In the painting of the 17th century the continental influence continued. The arrival of the Flemish A. van Dyck, who came to London in […]

English Arts 4

English Arts Part IV

September 23, 2021 directoryaah 0

Tudor and Elizabethan styles Architecture: The Reformation in the early 16th century had a profound effect on building activity, which from now on concentrated on […]

English Arts 3

English Arts Part III

September 22, 2021 directoryaah 0

The decorated style brought a strong tendency towards lush, decorative forms of jewelry that conceal the basic structures and their function. The main focus turned […]

English Literature 2

English Literature Part II

September 21, 2021 directoryaah 0

Initially, “literature” was understood in a comprehensive sense as written material, only gradually did today’s (fictional) concept of literature emerge. Thus, even in the Renaissance, […]

English Arts 2

English Arts Part II

September 21, 2021 directoryaah 0

Norman art Architecture: After the Norman conquest (1066; depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry) there was intensive construction activity in England. After a short period of […]

English Literature 1

English Literature Part I

September 21, 2021 directoryaah 0

English literature, designation of English-language literature from Great Britain and the former British colonies. The literature of the USA, the American literature, however, was seen […]

English Arts 1

English Arts Part I

September 21, 2021 directoryaah 0

English art, the art of Great Britain (excluding Celtic art). The historical, political and social peculiarities resulting from the island location promoted an art development […]