Emerald Green Fashion 2016

A lot of people love the color green! And this year the "gods" (= Pantone) choose it as the main color of the year! The emerald green has an association with luxury, nature, well being and harmony. Many people hesitate to use green because they fear of being unsuitable or even ugly. To facilitate the use of a color, you need to think about how it will be when you combine it with other colors, such as blue, fuchsia (pink), purple, orange, plum, red, gold, silver, black, beige, white and pastel. As you can see, the emerald green is a versatile color. The emerald green is a color that is suitable for any occasion (formal/casual). Here are some tips about applying the emerald green in daily life. Green shirt. This basic piece in emerald green color makes…
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Delicious Shirts for Women

Shirts for women are available in several different models and in many variations. They are fit for the relaxing of Sunday, the classic at work or the elegant for a festive occasion. And one more thing that is so great about shirts is that you can both wear skirt and pants for. Here, we have an exclusive selection of delicious shirts for women. We make very out to keep up with the latest trends, so we can ensure you the best selection of shirts for women. The brands we can offer are Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Armani Jeans, Heart Made, Rebecca Posselt, Kokoon, Closed, Victoria Beckham and Sand. (more…)
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