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Liberia Geopolitics

According to itypeusa, Liberia is the only country in West Africa that has never been colonized. In 1822 the private company American Colonization Society (Acs) undertook to transfer a group…

Women at War Part II

6: Sexualized violence as a weapon Sexualized violence is a form of gender-based violence . Sexualized violence in war involves more than rape ; it can also be about forced…

The Ebola Epidemic Part I

In 2014, the world was taken to bed when Ebola managed to spread in parts of West Africa and kill over eleven thousand people. How did Ebola spread? Why was…

Liberia History and Politics

Peoples of Liberia People who immigrated from the north have lived on today’s national territory since the Neolithic Age. The Gola are one of the first peoples in this area….