Bulgaria Demography

Bulgaria Demography

January 9, 2022 directoryaah 0

Demography. – Demographically, Bulgaria turns out to be a healthy country. Its current birth rate (36.7 ‰), although slightly lower than the averages of the […]

Bulgaria History - 681-1396

Bulgaria History: 681-1396

October 10, 2021 directoryaah 0

First Bulgarian Empire (681-1018) After the conquest of the Byzantine Empire, Dobrudscha (Scythia Minor), Khan Asparuch founded the First Bulgarian Empire in 679, which was […]


Nessebar Travel Guide

April 8, 2021 directoryaah 0

Nessebar is a cultural destination in Bulgaria. Nessebar, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a favorite destination for cultural tourists in Bulgaria. Nessebar […]