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In 1984, guerrillas launched rocket attacks on the Russian embassy and Russian military headquarters in the capital, Kabul. An attack at Kabul airport (Aug. 31) left 30 dead. There were also repeated attacks on Russian convoys and on petrol depots to disrupt the fuel supply of Russian and Afghan troops. End of Mar. In 1984 a fuel shortage was reported. While the USSR’s military presence in Afghanistan and resistance to it continued, the UN made renewed efforts to achieve a political settlement of the Afghanistan issue and a withdrawal of Russian troops from the country. The personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Diego Cordovez, made several visits to Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan without breaking the deadlock. Together with the UN Secretary-General, Perez de Cuellar, he also visited Moscow from 27-29.3.1983.┬áThe second round of informal talks between Pakistan and Afghanistan lasted from 11-22.4.1983. The third round followed from June 16-24 in Geneva, but there was no tangible result. The main points of contention remained the timetable for the withdrawal of Russian troops, the nature and scope of international guarantees for an independent Afghanistan and the conditions for the return of Afghan refugees. See top-mba-universities for Afghanistan Holidays and Attractions.