Strenesse Blue: Shop the Video – You Ever Tried?

Video Lookbook pull just their fullest attention to Nike and me. Classic Lookbook images can not convey just the atmosphere that is transported. Funky hip music, the pieces of desire to posing models look but also much better and so they catch us almost almost every time with its lovely charm. Especially making of videos it sneaked into our hearts and awaken the small Voyeuristen in us. Dancing models, atmosphere and look behind the camera and the professional images more exciting and above all a thousand times more authentic are easy as highly polished shoots lookbooks – Yes, they arouse interest, from similar as in beloved Streetstyles.

Us again think at this point, how great you look the pieces, is arguably whatsoever side-effect of these video releases. And exactly because, Strenesse blue links now also: they show us making of videos from the shoot in Munich, where we can buy with a click on the video, wherein the pretty model posing just beaming and hops across the street. So to speak: Shop the video! That is not only incredibly innovative, but on top of that is fun and is damn handy.

Have you ever tried out? How it works is that unbelievably easy! You will start the video and go simply with your mouse over the collection piece, which is worn by the model. A little I for info appears and learn with a click, like expensive chosen piece should be your – and in favor, it migrates easily in the shopping cart. Click missed? Never mind, Strenesse blue collects all the articles for us in the lower picture.

I must no longer go at Strenesse blue, so from now on the search, where I can get the piece of desire now at all, but can directly snap to.

Strenesse blue goes first with the younger and cheaper brand at the start and somehow missed us a new shopping experience – we love it and hope now more generic. Because video Lookbook with shopping function were new with so far, agree but two quite fantastic components that I had actually already should miss! How like’s you?

Strenesse blue, you can check out more making of videos and it blithely click and shop!

This way, please.