Stradivarius Campaign Spring/Summer: Committed to the Romantic Look

Finally we have the images of one of the most eagerly awaited campaigns: the of Stradivarius spring-summer 2011. Under the name of There is always the sun, firm low cost shows full of light and color images, where the romanticism and sensuality they are the predominanstes of this new summer collection notes.

The duo Andoni & Arantxa has been commissioned to capture these precious images that we can divide into four trends: Edenic, Boho, Innocent and Gipsie Rocker. By ceirto, Arantxa was the model protagonist of the firm in 2008 campaign.

The silhouettes are basically retro and vintage, any progress we have seen already in the proposals of halftime. Garments inspired by years 60′ and 70′, with spacious dresses and blouses silhouettes, and where the fringes become the new detail summer star.

Line Boho.

Garments that mix ethnic and the hippie: a real tour over the Decade of the 70’s, dominated by vintage silhouettes. Divine image black dress, to combine it with cowboy boots during the day or evening sandals. Thus you will get a more chic look.

Line Edenic.

It is the most romantic line, which include female proposals and the floral print, another season, as pattern for all garments, including footwear. Large blouses, baby-necks, dress nonos… the latter, can rescue those of last summer, because they continue.

Combine this style with stamped shims or shoe in nude.

Line Innocent.

Garments very feminine and summer, with some innocent touch, since white and raw range are tones predominates in this line. Dresses lingerie are the most successful, but nor do they add nothing.

Blouses with ajour and georgette prints, are the dominant fabrics in these proposals.

Gipsie Rocker line.

The line is more rocker of all, with more personality and more lighthearted proposals, and in my opinion, the least successful. Grunge style and wild touches, the fringes are the star of garments and accessories. You will get a look at Pocahontas style.