State Route 11, 2, 3 and 72 in Connecticut

State Route 72 in Connecticut

State Route 11 in Connecticut

Get started Salem
End Colchester
Length 7 mi
Length 12 km
SalemWitch Meadow Road

Lake Hayward Road

State Route 11 is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Connecticut. The highway provides a short connection between Salem and Colchester in the east of the state. The highway is 12 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 11 begins near Salem as a freeway on State Route 82 and continues north through wooded areas. The highway has a wide vegetated central reservation so that traffic in both directions often does not see each other. Like everywhere in Connecticut, there are scattered buildings, but no real residential areas. State Route 11 joins State Route 2 at Colchester in the direction of Hartford.

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A highway between Colchester and New London was planned as early as the 1950s, originally as State Route 85. Construction of the highway began in 1966 and in 1972 the northernmost 12 kilometers of it was opened between SR-82 and SR-2 at Colchester. The rest of the highway to New London has not been built due to lack of money and lower priorities afterwards.


Plans to complete State Route 11 as a freeway between New London and Colchester were revived in the late 1990s, but lack of funding for this highway has not brought construction any closer. It is proposed, however, to construct the remaining part as a toll road. In 2011, the construction of the highway was declared a high priority by Governor Dannel Malloy.

State Route 2 in Connecticut

Begin Hartford
End Stonington
Length 58 mi
Length 93 km
1 → New Haven / Springfield2 East Hartford

3 → Boston

4 → New Haven

5 East Hartford

6 → Wethersfield

7-8 Glastonbury

9 Neipsic Road

10 Manchester Road

11 Toll Gate Road

12 Portland Road

13 Marlborough

15 Old Hartford Road

16 North Westchester

17 Colchester

18 Downtown Colchester

19 → New London

20 Little Road

21 Norwich Avenue

22 Waterman Road

23 Fitchville

24 Fitchville Road

25 West Norwich

27 Otrobando Avenue

28 → New London / Worcester

29 Downtown Norwich



State Route 2 or SR-2 is a state route in the US state of Connecticut. Much of the east-west route is a highway, between Hartford and Norwich. The section east of Norwich is a secondary trunk road. The total route is 93 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins in downtown Hartford and then crosses Interstate 91 and the Connecticut River. This bridge has 4+3 lanes. After that, SR-2 joins one of the largest interchanges in the state, with Interstate 84 and an exit ramp. SR-2 then turns southeast and intersects SR-15, a bypass of Hartford. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and passes through the southeastern suburbs of Hartford. At Glastonbury Center one crosses SR-3, which runs to the southern suburb of Wethersfield. The highway then leaves the Hartford metropolitan area.

One then passes through densely forested eastern Connecticut, with few places, one of the few parts of the state that is not urbanized. At Colchester the SR-11 exits, a short motorway towards New London. SR-2 continues east and arrives at the town of Norwich, where it crosses Interstate 395, the highway to Worcester. The highway section ends in Norwich and SR-2 continues as a secondary road to Stonington at the Rhode Island border.


Planning for State Route 2 began in 1945, when consideration was given to building a highway from the capital Hartford to Norwich in southeastern Connecticut. Construction of the highway began in 1949, and in 1952 the first two miles of the highway opened in East Hartford. The same year, the highway was extended further to Glastonbury. In 1959, the easternmost section opened in Norwich over 2 miles. In 1961 this section was extended west to Fitchville. The last section opened in Eeast Hartford in 1962, after which work began on the rural section of State Route 2. This section was opened mainly between 1967 and 1969, with the exception of a 7.5-mile section between Colchester and Fitchville, which opened in 1971.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Datum
Exit 5A East Hartford Exit 6 Griswold Street 2 km 00-00-1952
Exit 1 I-91 Exit 3 I-84 Hartford 2 km 00-00-1958
Exit 15 Marlborough Exit 17 Old Hartford Road (1×2) 8 km 00-00-1958
Exit 25 Windham Turnpike Exit 29 Downtown Norwich 5 km 00-00-1959
Exit 23 Bozrah Exit 25 Windham Turnpike 4 km 00-00-1961
Exit 3 I-84 Hartford Exit 5A East Hartford 5 km 00-00-1962
Exit 6 Griswold Street Exit 15 Marlborough (1×2) 19 km 00-00-1964
Exit 17 Old Hartford Road Exit 21 Colchester (1×2) 6 km 00-00-1967
Exit 6 Griswold Street Exit 15 Marlborough (2×2) 19 km 00-00-1969
Exit 15 Marlborough Exit 17 Old Hartford Road (2×2) 8 km 00-00-1969
Exit 17 Old Hartford Road Exit 21 Colchester (2×2) 6 km 00-00-1969
Exit 21 Colchester Exit 23 Bozrah 12 km 00-00-1971

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 28,000 vehicles crossed Founders Bridge in Hartford daily, rising to 71,000 vehicles in East Hartford following I-84. Further south, the intensities drop to 49,000 vehicles after Glastonbury and 33,000 vehicles between Marlborough and Colchester. The last part to Norwich has 28,000 vehicles.

State Route 3 in Connecticut

Get started Middletown
End Hartford
Length 14 mi
Length 23 km

→ New Haven / Hartford


→ Hartford / Norwich

State Route 3 or SR-3 is a state route in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms a short north-south route in the middle of the state, between Middletown and East Hartford. Part of the route is a highway. The total route is 23 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins in Middletown, a suburb south of Hartford, and then continues north as the secondary Shunpike Road, intersecting SR-9 and I-91, among others. From the suburb of Wethersfield, SR-3 forms a freeway, intersecting I-91 and the Connecticut River. There are then 2×2 lanes available. After just a few miles, the highway ends at SR-2, the longer highway from Hartford to Norwich.


The highway section is only 2 miles long and consists mostly of the William H. Putnam Memorial Bridge, which opened in January 1959, connecting I-91 to State Route 2. However, connections to I-91 and SR-2 were substandard and not completely grade separated. In the early 1960s, the interchange with I-91 was opened, which was further modernized in 1994. In the late 1980s, the interchange opened with the SR-2.

The William H. Putnam Memorial Bridge was later envisioned as part of I-491, which was to become the southeastern portion of a full Hartford bypass. This highway was never built and never progressed beyond the planning phase.

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 57,000 vehicles drove daily on the highway section.

State Route 72 in Connecticut

Get started New Britain
End harwinton
Length 20 mi
Length 32 km
→ Middletown / HartfordDowntown New Britain

Corbin Avenue

→ Hartford

→ Waterbury




State Route 72 or SR-72 is a state route in the US state of Connecticut. The road is part highway in the Hartford metropolitan area and is 20 miles long.

Travel directions

The road starts as a secondary road in the village of Harwinton and then heads south initially. From Pequabuck the road becomes a more important main road and passes through Bristol. Just before Interstate 84, SR-72 becomes a freeway and then intersects with I-84, the highway from Waterbury to Hartford. The highway then forms the southern bypass of the larger suburb of New Britain and terminates at SR-9.


State Route 72 was built in the 1970s and is one of the few highways in the Hartford area that opened after 1970. The first 2.5 miles east of I-84 through Corbin Avenue opened to traffic in February 1970. The section through New Britain to State Route 9 was constructed between 1975 and 1979. In 1975, a short spur opened west of I-84 in Plainville.

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 51,000 to 65,000 vehicles passed through New Britain every day.

State Route 72 in Connecticut