Sights of Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland Paris, France

A place where dreams come true. That is how Disneyland Paris is seen by children and adults. The nineteen square kilometer theme park consists of different parts. According to Eshaoxing, the most visited part is the Disneyland Park, which is completely based on the world-famous figures from the Walt Disney studios. Who didn’t grow up with the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy? The second amusement park within the large resort is Walt Disney Studios Park. Film and cartoons are central to this amusement park. Disneyland Paris is completed with the Disney Village catering and shopping street and seven hotels, all of which have their own theme. Disneyland Paris is located just over thirty kilometers from the French capital Paris.

Top 10 Disneyland Paris Attractions

#1. Disney Dreams
Every evening the Disney park ends with a dazzling and surpassing show. Main Street USA quickly fills with spectators who want to place themselves in front of the fairytale castle. The spectacular show includes fireworks, water fountains and a magical story. We won’t tell you what will happen, but you should definitely not miss this closing of the evening.

#2. Disney Parade
At a set time, the cutest Disney characters pass all the spectators near Main Street. Every little one gets a wink or a hand. The direction is tight and constant. Once you have seen the procession, you will notice that all movements and laughs are performed again every night at the same place and time. The whole is neatly cared for and the floats are imaginatively decked out.

#3. Meet and Greet
At different times in and around the park (for example in the hotels) there are regular meetings with Disney characters. Everyone has to stand in line and the opportunity to take a photo is offered. Unfortunately, the line is often long and when you think it’s almost your turn, they have to leave. Here too there is little to no room for spontaneity. If you want to be sure of a meeting, it is good to book a breakfast / lunch or dinner with the presence of Disney characters. This is possible in Auberge de Cendrillon and Cowboy Cookout Barbecue in the park itself or in Disney Village at CafĂ© Mickey.

#4. Main Street USA
As soon as you enter the Disney park you will automatically walk in the direction of Main Street. This main street is full of Disney shops, a bakery, a candy store and some eateries here and there. You should also be here for practical matters such as arranging a buggy or wheelchair. The street is cheerful, colonially decorated with nice details. For example, around Halloween, the streets and lanterns are decorated with pumpkins, witches, and spiders. Everything in a fun and playful way, so that it doesn’t get too exciting for the little ones.

#5. Space Mountain
Where the little ones especially enjoy themselves in Fantasyland, the bigger ones mainly look for attractions such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Space Mountain. Space Mountain is located in Discoveryland. In this kind of roller coaster you are launched, as it were. The minimum length for this colossus is 1 meter 32.

#6. Peter Pan’s Flight
In this perhaps the most visited attraction of Fantasyland you are taken on a journey on a pirate ship. The journey takes you to Neverland where nothing is too crazy. Along the way you will of course also see Tinkerbell, the Smart Boys and Captain Hook. The most beautiful is the illuminated city. It is therefore a party for all kids.

#7. Big Thunder Mountain
Although the Big Thunder Mountain may seem terrifying, it is a sweet yet fast train ride. The old steam train takes you through rocks, along the water and right through mines. Here and there your eyes search for the light to know what to expect. The minimum height for this attraction is 1 meter 02.

#8. Pirates of the Caribbean
Many children’s hearts beat faster in this domain of pirates and robbers. The ride takes you through dark areas and past pirated cannons fired. It is not certain whether you will stay dry so be prepared. The famous movie starring Johnny Depp is based on this thrilling attraction.

#9. Walt Disney Studios Park
In the adjacent Walt Disney Studios Park you get a look behind the scenes of the making and development of Disney films. It is possible to attend a lifelike stunt show or take a train ride through a film set where fire and water are not kept out. It even seems as if you are in the middle of a scene. The most frightening attraction is the Tower of Terror. Here you go up in an elevator where you are treated to a spectacular view over the parks. But then you drop down again with a top speed, just not to crash. There are also a few theatres, shops and other attractions.

#10. Disney Village
Food is central to this third and final park of Disneyland. There are about thirteen restaurants and fast food chains in this part. From very expensive to very affordable, there is something for everyone. You will also find a McDonalds there, for example. It is recommended to book in advance, especially for the dinner shows. Also in this part are several shops with Disney articles.

Disneyland Paris, France