Shoes Encore Un Bout: Templates, How to Use

Until recently, they were considered tacky, but since that Christian Louboutin has launched the Bis model Un Bout, transparent shoes turned up and won the celebrity fashionistas like. A more affordable cost, made by other brands the Encore Un Bout promises to be the sensation of the summer 2013.

Shoes Encore Un Bout, models

Christian Louboutin’s the one who got the Encore Un Bout back to the fashion world. The Encore Un Bout has clear side, the fabric and two straps that can be attached to the ankle. This strip is not fixed and the shoe can be used with or without this anklet.

The model is part of the collection Un Bout Illusion. The heel are models that never fall out of fashion. The model is inspired by the classic and luxurious Pigalle, a black pumps with red sole Louboutin.

How to use

The original model cost about U $795 (R $1,500). Despite the high cost, it combines with various production styles, from street style to the more elegant looks. The Encore Un Bout, besides coming in bright colors, has a few models with spout all worked according to incredibleflashlight.

Choose a shade that matches your more visual. Usually neutral colors are the most requested. In the case of clothing, invest in casual basic combinations so that the look is not too heavy.

For the ballad, you can invest in a couple of more relaxed, as the colored or with spikes. The models are elegant and easy to combine. Modern, cozy and sexy, the model promises to attract all the attention.