Schwyz, Switzerland

Schwyz, Switzerland

Of the German speaking, Canton Schwyz is a member of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in Central Switzerland and its capital is Schwyz, from which the canton also got its name.
Schwyz is one of the three so-called original cantons. It is also the most important of the three. He is also the conferred namesake of the Swiss Confederation.

The neighborhood of the canton

Seven cantons border on the canton Schwyz. Uri, Glarus, St. Gallen, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne and Nidwalden are direct neighbors of the canton. It also borders on Lake Zug, Lake Lucerne and Lake Zurich.

The history of the canton of Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz was first mentioned in 970. From the beginning of its existence, Schwyz was mostly self-employed. It was subordinate to the Habsburgs as court lords, but was able to organize itself for the most part. By Friedrich II., who issued a letter of freedom to the canton in December 1240, Schwyz could henceforth act independently. It was no longer subject to the Habsburgs. Unfortunately, they did not recognize the Schwyz rule and a protracted feud ensued, in which Schwyz got the short straw and had to submit to the Habsburgs again.

In 1291, the canton of Uri and Unterwalden concluded the Eternal Büdnis. As a result, Schwyz received from Heinrich VII in 1309 a final confirmation of imperial freedom.
The people of Schwyz were known for their tireless energy and the vigor with which they demanded important things for themselves. The people of Schwyz also showed their fighting spirit in the fight against the Reformation. Here they put a lot of zeal into it and supported the Catholic special efforts with all their might. The name Schwyz soon became a symbol of this heroism. It was later transferred to the entire Swiss Confederation in German.

Attractions in Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz is very well positioned for tourism. You will not only find the appropriate services here, but the canton also has many sights to offer.
Among other things, the capital of the canton is very famous for the Lauzersee, the impressive paddle steamers on the Zürchersee and the Vierwaldstättersee.
Also the lake of Zug and the three reservoirs Sihlsee, Wägitalersee and Glattalpsee are tourist attractions and offer many attractive opportunities for their visitors. Boating, fishing, swimming, bike tours or sailing trips are no problem here.

The Lauzersee is particularly idyllic and is therefore often used as a day trip destination. It is also of national importance for Switzerland.
The canton of Schwyz is also the place where Sbirnz hard cheese is made. Other delicacies include cheese soup and Benedictine stew.
The memorial stone for Ulrich von Hutten in Freienbach is particularly popular. Schwyz is known for the Alpamare swimming pool. It is the largest indoor swimming pool in Europe. Here is a 261 meter long slide (the longest water slide in Europe).

There are also many historical monuments in the canton of Schwyz. One of them is the parish church of St. Martin from 1774. It is one of the most beautiful baroque churches in all of Switzerland.
The Federal Letter Museum with the Federal Letter from 1291 is also located in Schwyz. The oldest documents and banners in Switzerland are also located there.

Schwyz, Switzerland