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Saint Lucia Military


Economic overview: Recent changes in the EU’s import facilitation regime and increased competition from Latin American bananas have made economic diversification especially important for Saint Lucia. The improvement in the construction sector and the growth of tourism contributed to GDP growth in 1998-99. Agriculture experienced a fifth consecutive year of decline in 1997, mainly due to a sharp decline in banana production. The industrial sector is the most diversified in the Eastern Caribbean region, and the government has begun to improve the legal framework for the small sector of offshore financial services.┬áSee to know more about Saint Lucia in 2004.
GDP: at purchasing power parity – $700 million (2000 est.).
Real GDP growth rate: 0.5% (2000 est.).
GDP per capita: at purchasing power parity – $4,500 (2000 est.).
The composition of GDP by sectors of the economy: agriculture: 10.7%; industry: 32.3%; services: 57% (1996 est.).
Proportion of the population below the poverty line: no data available.
Percentage distribution of household income or consumption: 10% of the poorest households account for: n/a; 10% of the wealthiest families account for: no data.
Inflation rate at consumer prices: 2.5% (2000 est.).
Labor force: 43,800 people
Employment structure: agriculture 43.4%, services 43.4%, industry and trade 17.7% (1983 est.).
Unemployment rate: 15% (1996 est.).
Budget: revenues: $141.2 million; expenses: $146.7 million, including capital expenditures of $25.1 million (FY97-98 est.).
Economic sectors: clothing production, assembly of electronic components, beverage production, corrugated cardboard boxes, tourism, lime and coconut processing.
Growth in industrial production: -8.9% (1997 est.).
Electricity generation: 110 million kWh (1999).
Sources of electricity generation: fossil fuels: 100%; hydropower: 0%; nuclear fuel: 0%; others: 0% (1999).
Electricity consumption: 102.3 million kWh (1999)
Electricity export: 0 kWh (1999).
Electricity import: 0 kWh (1999).
Agricultural products: bananas, coconuts, vegetables, citrus fruits, root vegetables, cocoa.
Export: $68.3 million (2000 est.)
Export items: bananas 41%, clothing, cocoa, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil.
Export partners: UK 50%, USA 24%, CARICOM countries 16% (1995).
Imports: $319.4 million (2000 est.)
Imports: food 23%, manufactured goods 21%, machinery and transport equipment 19%, chemicals, fuels.
Import partners: USA 36%, CARICOM countries 22%, UK 11%, Japan 5%, Canada 4% (1995).
External debt: $131.6 million (1998) Economic aid recipient: $51.8 million (1995)
Donor Economic Assistance:
Currency: East Caribbean dollar.
Currency code: XCD.
Exchange rate: XCD/USD – 2.7000 (fixed exchange rate since 1976).
Fiscal year: April 1-March 31.


Telecommunications Telephone lines: 37,000 (1997).
Mobile cellular telephones: 1,600 (1997).
Telephone system: satisfactory; internal: automatic connection system; international: direct microwave radio relay to Martinique and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; troposcatter link with Barbados; international connection with other countries is carried out by means of Intelsat via Martinique.
Broadcast stations: AM – 2, FM – 7 (and 3 repeaters), shortwave -0 (1998),
Radio receivers: 111,000 (1997).
Television broadcast stations: 3 (two commercial stations and one public antenna television station) (1997).
TVs: 32,000 (1997).
Internet Country Code: lc
Internet Service Providers: 15 (2000).
Number of users: 5,000 (2000).


Transport Railways: 0 km.
Roads: total: 1,210 km; coated: 63 km; unpaved: 1,147 km (1996 est.).
Ports and harbours: Vieux Fort, Castries.
Merchant Marine: None (2000 est.).
Airports: 2 (2000 est.).
Airports with paved runways: total: 2; from 2438 to 3047 m: 1; from 1524 to 2437 m: 1 (2000 est.).
Airports with unpaved runways:

Armed forces

Branches of the Armed Forces: Royal Saint Lucia Police (includes Special Service Unit), Coast Guard.
Conscription age:
Total military manpower:
Eligible for service:
Number of persons reaching draft age each year:
Military spending in dollar terms: $5 million (FY1991-92).
Military spending as part of GDP: 2% (FY1991-92)

International Issues

International issues International disputes: no.
Illicit Drugs: Transit point for drugs moving from South America to the US and Europe.

Saint Lucia Military