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The savannah kingdoms in northern Congo are poorly known. The kingdom of Tyo, often named after its king, Makoko, dates back to the 15th century. In the following century, the Portuguese arrived in this territory, quickly taking over the monopoly of the slave trade. There is an important slave trade on the Loango coast, from Cape Lopez to the mouth of the river, which in the 19th century was replaced by the ivory trade.

The king, religious leader and lord of the rain, is recognized by all the villages and by the group of chiefs, but who do not intervene in its existence, although we can consider teké society as a segmental structure. The kingdom of Loango, whose structure is very close to that of Kongo, is a highly hierarchical monarchy under divine law. The rest of the country is occupied by the great forest.
Congo enters the French dependency through Savorgnan de Brazza, who explores this country from 1875. The signing of the Makoko treaty (1880) and its ratification by the French Parliament in 1882, gave rise to the creation of the colony in 1886 The administrative organization of this one knows some vicissitudes. In 1903, the territory obtained its administrative and financial autonomy. In 1910 the government-general of the French Business Association was created, whose headquarters are in Brazzaville.

In 1940, Congo, led by Governor-General Éboué, joins the Allies, following the appeal of General De Gaulle. Brazzaville’s development is well underway, but the country is still at a disadvantage after the war efforts it was asked to do. After the Brazzaville conference (1944) and the creation of the French Union (1946), Congo became an overseas territory. For Republic of the Congo democracy and rights, please check getzipcodes.

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