Renner Shows Preview of Its Autumn Winter Collection 2014

According to the press release provided by Renner for this preview of the autumn/winter 2014, the main inspiration of the designers of the brand was the Saville Row, the street that concentrates the most traditional and most prestigious tailors in london. Already the journalists and bloggers present did not respond to another thing: a lot of things in there reminded him of the grunge musical movement of the early ‘ 90s that began in Seattle and that had as its greatest exponent, the Nirvana, the band led by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain.

Renner Shows Preview of Its Autumn Winter Collection 2014

Reasons for such a conclusion of the press is not lacking, is there the chess-style lumberjack in red and black, the sweatpants, sweaters, fleece, jeans beaten and t-shirts of the band, not necessarily the bands that symbolized the movement, but those that sell more to the lay public.

The color palette also flirts with the time quoted, very grey, white, red, black and blue oil, a perfect simulation of the limited palette of the early ‘ 90s.

Between bets heavy Renner are the zephyr [cloth with designs that are iconic, blazers of knitted or twill, shirts in plaid, jacket varsity, sweatshirts, heavy pattern, color jeans with bold colors and resinados.

The male accessories are limited to belts in leather, canvas or a mixture of both, in addition to scarves that will of the light, more to add a little style to the look, even the most thick, in knitting, to protect in the days of cold weather.

Handbags bring materials such as PU, twill and denim, alone or in combination, creating pieces informal in neutral colors such as black, brown and navy.

The influence quoted in the press release there was not much thing that caught attention, but it is always good to remember that you can still reach other parts during the year which were not presented at this event and end up complemented the collection autumn/winter.

Another novelty in the network of shops since the spring is the presence of the Levi’s with their jeans the classic ideal for composing looks unique and funky.