Puerto Rico Economy, Population, History and Maps

The Associated Free State of Puerto Rico is an archipelago in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, associated with the United States of America. It consists of the island of Puerto Rico plus a few islands and islets, among which Vieques, Mona and Culebra stand out, in a total of about 9104 km2. The capital is the city of San Juan, with 437 900 residents (2004). The most important cities are, in addition to the capital, Ponce (160,900 residents), Caguas (92,000 residents), Mayagüez (81,600 residents) and Arecibo (51,200 residents).

The tropical forest covers 20% of the territory.


The climate is tropical with a hot and humid season and a less hot and dry one.


The population, in 2006, was 3 927 188 residents, which corresponded to a density of approximately 424 residents/km2. The birth and death rates are, respectively, 12.77% o and 7.65% o. Average life expectancy is 78.4 years. No Human Development Index (HDI) nor Gender Adjusted Development Index (IDG) values ​​(2001) were assigned. It is estimated that, in 2025, the population will be 4 243 000 residents.

Art and culture
Puerto Rican socio-cultural life arises from the confluence of different cultures: Antillean, African, Spanish and North American.


Puerto Rico was annexed by Spain in 1509 and transferred to the United States in 1899, following the Spanish-American war. In 1950 it assumed a statute of autonomy and, in 1952, it decreed the constitution of an associated free state.

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