Press Days Berlin: Lala Berlin and Kaviar Gauche Prag PR

Gebührender had the place for the collections of Leyla Piedayesh and the designer duo Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kuhl, briefly: Lala Berlin and kaviar Gauche, once again may not be – the Präsidentensuit in the Ritz-Carlton, Berlin. We found ourselves there already for second time and took the elegant pieces of two Berlin before pointing labels times at close range under the magnifying glass. And the collections for their presentations at the fashion week in nothing: kaviar Gauche: A clear focus was naturally on the beautiful evening gowns, wedding dresses and the successful jumpsuits Variant. As noted at fashion week: the 70s were the inspiration and so we look at soft and flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk in a subtle beige, nude, gray and cream. Especially in love we are but in the transparent flared trousers. And again: the shoes from the collaboration with Görtz. But see for yourself:

Lala Berlin: when Leyla Piedayesh, we enjoyed very on the bright shade of yellow, the cuddly soft cardigans and the psychedelic-inspired patterns in green and gray, scattered throughout their entire collection like a red thread. The selected samples were presented on two hanging Rails – caramel, beige, and bright colors right, dark tones, the salient patterns and pieces with elaborate Perlenapplikationen were found to the left. Not forgetting of course: our beloved Lala Berlin cloths and the Lala for Berlin Unützer shoe collection.

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Kollaboration zwischen Lala Berlin und Görtz bei den Press …

Kollaboration zwischen Lala Berlin und Görtz bei den Press ...