Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Island holidays in Thailand attract with unusual and diverse terrain, because each region offers a warm climate, lots of sun and original entertainment for every taste. We recommend places repeatedly tested by tourists where it is better to relax in Phuket, the largest island in Thailand with the status of a separate province.

You will find out which areas of Phuket to choose for a family trip, and where it is better for young people to relax, where to go on a real “expedition for ancient treasures”, and where the best beach vacation awaits you.

What is the best time of year to visit Phuket?

Holidays on the coast of the Andaman Sea attract many tourists all year round, because the air temperature even in the winter months does not fall below + 26-27 ºC. But is the weather on the islands of Thailand so good, and what surprises can it bring to an unprepared tourist? To make your vacation serene, choose the time when it is better to relax in Thailand, Phuket.

According to top-medical-schools, winter is the best time to go on vacation to Phuket. From December to March, the high season is here, so be prepared that there are a lot of tourists and prices are high. The climate at this time of the year pleases with a comfortable temperature (27-29 ºС), quiet and calm weather, which is especially important for tourists with small children (if your family tolerates long flights well).

It is hot to relax in Phuket in summer, especially if your body is not ready for a temperature of +35 ºC. In June, the rainy season begins in Phuket, and the hot and humid climate creates a special atmosphere where it is better to relax, enjoying a leisurely acquaintance with the real island life. Precipitation from early summer to mid-autumn is frequent, plentiful, but short-lived.

The off-season on the island is the perfect time for an inexpensive vacation at sea. If you decide to go to Phuket in May, keep in mind that the weather is very changeable: hot April days are replaced by windy and rainy weather, strong waves at sea, but you can still choose the time for a beach holiday and swimming.

The low season with prolonged precipitation ends in October, and in November, where it is better for diving enthusiasts to relax in Phuket, the weather is calm, prices are moderate, and there are few tourists.

How to get to Phuket? And how to move around the island

The island has an airport that accepts international flights. This is a great opportunity for Russian-speaking tourists to go on an inexpensive vacation without transfers. The flight is quite long (from 9 to 35 hours) and depends on the season, airline, cost.

At any resort in Phuket, there is a great abundance of transport that can be rented for a quick and convenient independent acquaintance with the sights of Thailand. It is safer to go to any corner of the island by car, and a local resident will be able to deliver you without hassle to unique places that are not always indicated in guidebooks. Prices for renting a car (tuk-tuk, taxi) are higher than a motorbike, but this way you can move around the island accompanied by a personal driver.

Most of the locals and tourists travel by motorbike in Phuket. It is an easy and inexpensive way to travel to outlying areas to see beautiful temples or watch an exciting show. You can ride a scooter to the observation decks in Phuket (a breathtaking panorama opens up from the high slopes of Promthep Cape, Wind Mill Viewpoint) or just ride around the area in search of the best beach.

How to find accommodation: Phuket hotels

For self-booking accommodation in the province, you can use public Internet services. Many sites have offers for both daily and long-term rentals. If you are looking for a place to relax in Phuket, pay attention to the area and the features of its infrastructure.

Book hotels in the Patong area if the constant night parties and noise don’t bother you. This is one of the largest tourist centers, so there is a large selection of hotels of any class. In August, when the rainy season is in Phuket, housing prices are low, so you can easily rent not only a room, but an entire house or villa.

Nai Thon and Nai Harn are areas where it is better to relax in Phuket with a child. These are quiet places with well-groomed and clean beaches. For a family vacation, the Kata Noi area is well suited.

The best beaches in Phuket

The main asset of the island is the beaches, which in the middle of a harsh snowy winter, for example, like on New Year’s Eve in Russia, are especially attracted by warmth. The choice of a resort where to go in Phuket, many vacationers are tied to the beach and its features.

It is worth noting that almost the entire perimeter of the province along the sea stretches amazing beach places where you can find entertainment for body and soul at any age. Patong Beach is a favorite place where young people especially like to relax in Phuket, because discos by the sea are often held here, clubs are open.

Do not limit yourself to a monotonous holiday in one place, because the beaches here are good and clean. Regardless of whether they are paid or free, the local views and the color of the water can surprise. It is best to explore new places where to go in Phuket on a bike.

The beaches where it is best to relax in Phuket for free are Patong, Kata, Karon, also Banana Beach, Bang Tao. Many of the beaches where you do not need to pay to stay are recommended by tour operators, for example, the beaches of Ao Sane, Kamala, Nai Thon.

Paying from 100 baht (on Laem Sing beach) to 200 (on Paradise and Freedom), you get exclusive places for a beach holiday. In addition to the purest sand, good service and the unusual color of the water, you will have the most beautiful underwater landscapes at your disposal.

What to see and where to go in Phuket

Beaches and parks, where to go in Phuket on your own, only reveal a part of the real life of the region. We offer you to go on an adventure in search of amazing places: from Phuket you can go to neighboring islands, for example, Phi Phi, Similans. And for those who first arrived in Thailand, you should not give up excursions to the temples – the guides offer an extensive, but not tiring program. Interesting for adults and children walks through the Elephant Farm (600 baht), Orchid Park and the Botanical Garden with unusual plants (400-500 baht).

Attractions and entertainment

Viewing platforms (Karon, Promthep Cape, Black Rock) on the hills and in the mountainous areas represent the grandeur and luxury of island nature. A huge marble Buddha statue is a must-see attraction, where all tour operators recommend to go on an excursion in Phuket. Thailand is a religious country, so there are many temples (Wat Lipon, Wat Chalong, Wat Suwan) and mosques (Add Mansion Patong, Mukarom Mosque) where you can go on excursions.

The show of the program in Thailand is an incredible bright performance, where the art of reincarnation is presented in a beautiful setting. On the island you can visit:

  1. Show Aphrodite (ticket 500 baht) and Siam Niramit (cost from 1500 baht);
  2. Cabaret Simon (entrance 600 baht);
  3. Phuket FantaSea (price 1900 baht, because not only artists perform on the stage, but also a large number of animals, including elephants).

Holidays with children in Phuket

The natural habitat of elephants, monkeys is the jungle of Thailand, where it will be interesting to go to Phuket with the whole family with children. Visit the local zoo with a small child, because up to 4 years old the entrance is free (price is 500 baht), and the entertainment show with the participation of animals is impressive. Family holidays are very diverse in Phuket: you can visit the Dolphinarium (entry 400-600 baht), the Aquarium (100-180 baht), the Bird Park (300-500 baht) or the real Tiger Kingdom (500-800 baht).

Diving in Phuket

In Thailand, there are special beaches and places where it is better to relax for real connoisseurs of “underwater excursions”. For a closer look at the beautiful and diverse underwater world of the Andaman Sea, we recommend heading to Ao San Beach (free). This is a profitable entertainment for diving enthusiasts. There are many diving centers in the vicinity.

But even for those who are not ready for scuba diving, on the beaches of Nai Harn and Ya Nui, where it is convenient to go from any resort town by car, you can swim under the surface of the water with a mask and snorkel, viewing outlandish fish and colorful seascapes.

Features of local cuisine

Phuket’s famous cafes and restaurants offer the best Thai cuisine. You can get acquainted with traditional treats at Heaven, On the Rock, Baan Chom View restaurants. And in local markets, they simply sell fried insects and pieces of reptiles “from the fire”. If you are not ready to risk and try unusual food, then try exotic fruits.

What to bring from Phuket

After a good vacation, it is always nice to bring a small souvenir as a warm memory of a pleasant time. We offer a list of unusual gifts that will not only show off on the shelf, but will bring benefits and pleasure from use:

  1. blue tea from orchids;
  2. natural cosmetics and oils;
  3. medicinal balms;
  4. gold and silver jewelry.

Please note that there are many large shopping centers on the island, for example, Jungceylon, Premium Outlet Phuket, where any fashionista simply must go shopping in Phuket – here you can choose stylish outfits from leading brands with big discounts, buy good replica watches and even equipment.

Nature, culture, cuisine of Thailand with each trip present new experiences. In which areas and on which beach in Phuket do you prefer to relax? And which of the described places will be included in the list of planned for a new trip?

Phuket, Thailand