Persol Steve Mcqueen Special Edition – Tribute To A Myth

To present the Persol Steve McQueen Special Edition , we think it’s important to look at who this impressive American actor was. Next, we will outline the life of this great interpreter.

Who was Steve Mcqueen?

At this point, we are going to make a small introduction to the figure of the actor for whom this special edition of Persol sunglasses has been made . Terrence Steve McQueen was his birth name.

Like every Hollywood star, it has an interesting and somewhat tortuous story behind it. He never met his father because he left his mother shortly before he was born. He was a young rebel who came to spend time in the reform school. Upon his departure, he decided to enlist in the Marines. Years later, he made the decision of his life, to become an actor.

It began with small papers, but its great jump was the televising series Randall, the justiciero. From there, he became famous in the United States. The culmination of his career came with the movie “The Great Escape” of the year 1963.

As always the lives of Hollywood actors have lights and shadows so despite his fame, he had a somewhat unstable sentimental life that led him to get married 3 times. Finally, he died in Mexico at age 50 due to lung cancer.

Persol Steve McQueen P714SM

This special edition model made by the house Persol sunglasses, has had a really interesting evolution over the years. Its shape is practically the same as before, but it still keeps that interesting touch that can only transmit those who wear them.

As we have seen, Steve McQueen was a clear exponent of that stylish person whose Persol gave him a special air. If you want to feel like this famous character from the 60s and 70s, you just have to do with your Steve McQueen Special Edition.

Reasons for deciding to wear this model of Persol

They are cool: wearing these sunglasses will unequivocally distinguish you from other people in your environment and will give you that distinctive touch very associated with famous people as was the case of Steve McQueen.

They are practical: Their option of being folded, they make the sea of ​​comfortable because you can take them with you occupying very little space.

Retro touch: Being a model that was already worn in the 60s and 70s, make it again very fashionable. The clear example is the number of sales that is taking in recent months these sunglasses

If you want to see the sunglasses and know how they are and a description of their performance, take a look at the video in SunglassesTracker.


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