Our Little Easter Gift for You: Underwear by Weekday

Is underwear’s with tip, if possible just, especially maddening or simply just pragmatic. Because she accompany us but every day ladies, she should be one thing above all: comfortable! Already in February, I got you the underwear Lookbook of the MTWTFSS weekday line presented, that is just exactly – and yet this really cute looks. No tweaking, no sting, no pinching. We have fallen in love only at a second glance, but it’s all the more convinced that! Although the pieces have no frills and peplum, are decorated not with lace and small grinding, also not overloaded and wanted sexy are, but come in its purist form: simple and sporty.

But a special advantage they have before the usual pieces: you can wear it super, loose tops and have not to worry, that you can see left or right the BH, because he looks like a short top. Rather more subtle and minimalist, but definitely super pleasant on the skin. Beautiful bustiers, clean tops and super casual briefs – all from delicacy fiber, pleasantly elastich and pink colours, dark grey, ash and classic white. Nothing special do you think? Total especially because I reach back when closer than ever on the comfortable Variant. Since March 17, you’ll find the underwear line at weekday.

We us at this point something changed, to make you happy again and to present you. Underwear you can anyway never have enough, and yet convenient place should find in your dresser. The women’s Duo for you come in three shades: black, grey and mud. Now we are looking for only three winners!

How it works? Easy Jane Wayne Fan on Facebook are, tell us why you absolutely have to win, and just tell us, what stands at weekday MTWTFSS!
By E-mail at [email protected] our site , on Facebook, or see this post in the comments!

Not to forget: always specify size (S, M, L) and select model (1, 2, or 3)!

And go! We keep our fingers crossed for you. On Sunday, the Easter Bunny then lost!

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And you win: