Once You Start Mixing Bikinis, You’re Not Going To Stop!

Bored of your bikinis? Try to remove them and show them in a new way. Dare to combine bikinis in different ways and you will see that the possibilities of being beautiful multiply.

The swimwear fashion for this summer 2014 is renewed showing us how to make these bikini mixes with success. Even the remains of sales can be used to take advantage of this idea.

Once You Start Mixing Bikinis, You're Not Going To Stop! 1

Bikinis Benetton

The Benetton bikinis are specially designed to be mixed together. Similar colors in different prints make the combinations of different bikinis look great for sunbathing.

Ideas: mix streaks with palm trees, sequined polka dots, stars with fishes, tropical print with pictures and so on to discover endless possibilities of how to combine bikinis.

I also like to combine vivid colors that attract attention : green with pink can look really good in bikinis with ruffles and bows.

Once You Start Mixing Bikinis, You're Not Going To Stop! 2


In BikiniRevival, as in many bath fashion shops, you can buy the bikini top and bottom parts separately. This option is fine if you wear different sizes from the top and bottom, if you want to choose the type of neckline (either bandeau, triangle, push-up or halter) and the width or narrow of the bikini below (in triangle , With or without a loop, or type of jacket) without limiting your chances, and also if you want to combine the same panties with two different bras depending on the moment (for example).

In addition you can use this bikini mix trick to boost certain parts of your body and hide others, is an excellent styling trick. For example, if your chest is large compared to your hips, combine a dark and straight bra with a printed panties that divert attention down. Also if you want to conceal a culete and make your chest win in volume you can try to wear a striking top, with vivid colors and prints, and buy a dark and smooth pan that leaves the bottom in the background.

Once You Start Mixing Bikinis, You're Not Going To Stop! 3