Nivea Firming Leggings And Remoders: Do They Work?

Yesterday I made the mistake of trying on some pants at Primark. It’s something I do not usually do because I’m always in a hurry or there’s a lot of queuing in the testers, so if I doubt between two sizes of a garment I always prefer to buy the two to try them calmly at home and then to return the one that is not right.

But yesterday I had all the time in the world and there were not too many people in the establishment, so I ventured into the testers with a pair of cowboy pants in two different sizes.

In the testers of the stores of a certain category everything is studied to the millimeter and both the lighting and the mirrors are placed thinking that the potential buyers are always favored. It may seem a bit cheesy, but the reality is that no one likes to get noticed about their galloping cellulite when going shopping, which is exactly what happened to me yesterday afternoon.

It is not that I did not know by now that what is between cellulite and I is one of those few stories that lasts for a lifetime. The shock comes becausethat damn illumination, so hard and so vertical, made my orange skin look much more marked than usual. And I could not help feeling guilty, because it’s true that this last year I’ve been living a much more sedentary lifestyle than I should have.

I tried to take it with humor and it did not affect me more than necessary, but fifteen minutes later I was doing the week’s shopping at the supermarket and when I wanted to realize I was carrying the basket of fruit and vegetables. As if the purchase was being made by someone else. No pizza, no pasta, no chocolate. Even worse, when I arrived at the cosmetics section, I found myself looking with hope at Nivea’s firming and remodeling leggings.

Supposedly it combines compression technology with coenzyme Q10 micro-encapsulated in the tissue that is released with the movement.

I recognize that I am very skeptical of these things, but between the shock of the cellulite discovery and the offer poster that the leggings had ( they were at € 19.90 on Vintagenowtrending) I came to the conclusion that I needed them. I found that they were only available in two sizes, SM or L-XL, but there was no human way of guessing the correspondence of those two sizes with the numerical sizes or with measures in centimeters. I took the phone and San Google and in the end I ended up finding that the smallest size is for those who use between 36 and 40 , and the big size is for women from 42, so I took the small. It seems silly but choosing size is risky because the leggings are sealed and once you open them you can not return them. So if you’re wrong You have to endure

When I got home and took them out of the box I almost died of fright seeing how small they were. And it was logical, because if they were not that size I do not know what effect remodeling would have on a body size 36. What is a little absurd is that they try to get in the same bag The girls of size 36 and 40.

Then I read in the box: If necessary, stretch slightly before the first use. Yes, yes, much needed stretching, so I stretched and wrestled with them for about ten minutes until I got them . And I say if every day I’m going to have to sweat so hard to wear them for sure I lose weight.

Once placed I could verify that they are leggings as to form, because they are cut at the ankle and have no foot. But as far as material is concerned, they are rather like a stockings, plump but transparent, so they can only be worn with skirts and dresses, oroversize jerseys . So no illusions about wearing them in a denim shirt like the girl in the photo. The immediate remodeling effect is similar, if somewhat softer, to that of the push-up leggings of Calzedonia.

The packaging ensures that it is effective up to 30 washes , so by doing an approximate calculation of two or three washes a week we conclude that the effect of the micro-encapsulated Q10 in the tissue will last between two and three months-the effect Remodeling by compression is supposed to last us longer. I have read a lot of reviews in forums to this aspect, but if you think about it is much more than you would last a pack of anti-cellulite cream, with the advantage that this is, in theory, much more comfortable and easy to apply.

What is not just clear is the issue of operation. Because the Q10 is supposed to release with movement so it would be wise to think that they are designed to wear them while we do sports, but in the packaging literally puts:  You can use Nivea Leggings Q10 Plus Firming & Remodeling daily: to walk , At work, when you relax on the couch, while you sleep or playing sports. What are we then? Do you have to do sports with them or just sit and watch TV while we take them?A bit contradictory.

So since these days with so much work I did not plan to do sports, last night after giving me a shower I put on the leggings to sleep (hence the photo header), because after all I move a lot while I sleep, so I am hoping something will do. And already this morning I have left them post to go to work-partly also because I am afraid of not being able to get back into them if I remove them before they give a little more of themselves.

I said, I am a little skeptical about these things, but since it is not a cumbersome treatment to apply I decided to give them a chance and re-write about them in several weeks to tell you if they really make any difference, whether they work or not. Well, I have also decided that I will never again ever try anything in Primark. I prefer to continue taking clothes of different sizes to home and return those that do not fit me, as before, for the sake of my peace of mind.

Have any of you tried these miraculous leggings of Nivea? Is there improvement in the skin with the use?