New York – The Empire State

New York State – The Empire State

The state of New York is bordered to the north by the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, to the east by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and to the west by Pennsylvania and the Canadian province – Ontario. According to EJIAXING, the state covers an area of ​​128,402 square kilometers and about 18 million souls inhabit the state. From north to south the distance is 499 km and from east to west 518 km at the widest point. Many of us think that New York City is the capital of New York, but nothing could be further from the truth. The capital is Albany.

Forests, lakes, hills, valleys and plains

It is a very beautiful state with forests, lakes, hills, valleys and plains. The land is very irregularly shaped. Normally, the state is divided into two clearly distinguishable parts. The first is the area around New York City: the so-called New York Metropolitan Area and the second part is the rest of the state, which is referred to as Upstate New York. The vast majority of New Yorkers live along the Hudson River and the Mohawk River. The state can be divided into three distinct regions:

  1. the Adirondack Mountains
  2. the Appalachian Plateau
  3. the Lowland Region

The Adirondack Mountains are located in the northeast of the state and cover about a quarter of the territory. The highest point of the state is also located here: Mount Marcy (1629 m). These mountains are largely forested. Most of the state is taken up by the Appalachian Plateau. The western and southern parts of the state belong to this latter country. It consists of highland with undulating hills. The eastern part of this plateau are the Catskill Mountains: a wild and rugged area with steep slopes and narrow valleys.

Lowland Region

Eastern New York is considered the Lowland Region. This also includes part of the south. Plains and river valleys are the backdrop here. Long Island is located south of New York City and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. The island is 190 km long and has many recreational opportunities and beautiful beaches. More than 8,000 lakes are scattered throughout the state. Oneida Lake is the largest but Lake George and Finger Lakes may also be there. Niagara Falls can also be found in New York State.

New York is the most important industrial state of the United States and is therefore seen as the financial and commercial center of the USA. Foodstuffs, magazines and books, machinery, clothing and newspapers are important state-manufactured products. But radio, television and advertising also provide a large market share here. New York can also be found in the agricultural field with maize, hay, potatoes, meat and milk as delivered products.


The Indians were the original inhabitants of this area. The first European to set foot ashore was Giovanni da Verrazano who came out for France. He entered New York Bay in 1524. In 1609 it was a Dutch ship, the Halve Maan, that entered this area. Under Henry Hudson’s command, they arrived at Albany on the Hudson River named after Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson was looking for a northwest passage to the East Indies for the Dutch East India Company. The first white settlement was Fort Nassau, now present-day Albany.

New York flag

New York State – The Empire State

Extra information

  • New York State slogan: The Empire State
  • Member of the union since: July 26, 1788
  • State flower Rose
  • State Tree Sugar Maple
  • State bird Eastern Bluebird
  • State insect Nine-spotted ladybug (ladybird beetle)