Nebraska Interesting Places and Maps

Map of Nebraska

Historically interesting places

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Park
William Frederick Cody (1846-1917), aka Buffalo Bill, was a well-known American bison hunter, showman and soldier. He is still considered one of the most dazzling personalities in the Wild West. In his films, among other things, the role of women and that of minorities is highlighted – so he campaigned for the rights of the indigenous people. A visit to his 25-acre ranch is available at Buffalo Bill Ranch State Park in North Platte. The house built on it and known for its elegant Victorian style is now a museum. Wild West fans should not miss it.

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Mormon Trail Center
The Mormon Trail or Mormon Pioneer Trail is the route the Mormons traveled through the USA in the 19th century. Rejection and persecution, as well as the desire to live out their beliefs, took them through the states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah, where some religious communities still live today. They covered more than 2000 km – their destination Salt Lake City, Utah. The Mormon Trail Center is now an important tourist route and is one of the historic streets of the United States.
They are remembered in Nebraska in the following locations:
Winter Quaters, Elkhorn and Platte River, Loup Fork, Fork Kearny, Ash Hollow, Chimney Rock and Fort Robbins.

Special buildings and structures

Nebraska State Capitol
The seat of government agencies as well as the legislature is considered an absolute must visit when in Nebraska. Designed and built by the American architect Bertram Goodhue, the State Capitol as the seat of government is an expression of the neo-Gothic style of construction, which is particularly popular with the construction of churches and parliament buildings. With its curved arches, the 122 m high State Capitol enchants, the tower of which is adorned by a magnificent golden dome. It rises above the roofs of Lincoln like a skyscraper and is considered the symbol of the capital.

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