Naples Travel Tips


Public transport in Naples

According to Lawfaqs, Naples has a huge traffic problem. Not only because the Neapolitans rush through the city without any traffic rules, but also because there are so many cars and scooters on the road.

It is best if you book your accommodation directly in the old town. Many of the sights are in the old town and can be visited on foot .

Alternatively, Naples has a huge bus network and a small subway network with just two lines: line 1 and line 6. There is also the cable car that goes up the Vomero hill. This will take you to the Sant’Elmo fortress, for example.

Public transport tickets

There are two types of tickets : the TIC ticket and the Azendiale ticket. The TIC ticket is valid for all means of transport and is more suitable if you travel a lot by public transport. An Azendiale ticket is especially worthwhile if you only want to make one trip.

These are the ticket prices:

  • TIC single ticket : 1.60 euros (90 minutes, all means of transport)
  • TIC day ticket : 4.50 euros (all means of transport)
  • TIC weekly ticket : 16 euros (all means of transport)
  • Azendiale single ticket : 1.10 euros (one trip, ANM means of transport, i.e. bus, metro and funicular)
  • Azendiale day ticket : 3.50 euros (ANM transport)
  • Azendiale weekly ticket : 12.50 euros (ANM transport)

Attention: Punctuality is not taken that seriously in Naples and buses are often a long time coming. So definitely leave yourself a bit of a buffer if you have to be somewhere at a certain time.

Neapolitan cuisine

Oh, food and drink in Naples! Naples is the queen of good food in Italy . Everywhere in the streets of Naples you could look for freshly baked bread, sweet desserts and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The food in Naples is always fresh and made with the best ingredients . Good food is the most important thing for Neapolitans.

That’s why you should definitely try these Neapolitan specialties:


Pizza was invented in Naples. All over Italy everyone agrees that the Neapolitan pizza is the best in the country and of course the best in the world.

Traditionally, the Neapolitan pizza is baked exclusively in a wood-fired oven and consists of thin, soft dough with a high crust.

You can also melt the famous Neapolitan buffalo mozzarella on your pizza . The mozzarella must only be fresh, as must the tomato sauce. Neapolitan pizza has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017.

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Puttanesca sauce is a pasta sauce that is completely vegetarian and very typical of Naples. The sauce consists of tomatoes, black olives, garlic, capers and oregano.

Traditionally it’s served on top of spaghetti, but it’s now found on other types of pasta as well. So if you’re in Naples and fancy a traditional bowl of pasta, this is one you should definitely try.


It is always hotly debated whether Parmigiana comes from Naples or Sicily . But the fact is that it is simply delicious.

It is an aubergine casserole , with fried or grilled aubergines, basil, mozzarella, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. The parmigiana is served lukewarm, both as a main course and as a small starter.


If you walk into a pastry shop in Naples, you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of cakes, tarts, biscuits and all kinds of desserts. But what is never missing is the Babà. You can recognize a Babà by its typical kitchen hat shape.

The pastries come in different sizes and are made of fluffy, fluffy dough with a Nutella, jam or cream filling . The very small Babàs have no filling at all, but are soaked in limoncello or rum . Be sure to try it!

Travel expenses in Naples

Naples is a cheap city all round. Admission to museums or other attractions is generally cheaper than in other Italian cities like Milan or Rome. The same applies to food and accommodation.

Holiday apartments are even particularly cheap: You can get a well-rated holiday apartment for two people in the middle of the old town from as little as 70 euros per night. Beautiful hotel rooms with private bathrooms are available from around 80 euros per night.

Here are the average prices you can expect to pay in Naples:

  • A cappuccino : 1 to 1.50 euros
  • 0.5 liters of water : 0.50 euros
  • A single metro ticket : 1.10 euros
  • Overnight stay in a central hotel : 80 to 200 euros per room
  • Neapolitan pizza : 4 to 7 euros
  • Dinner in a local restaurant : 15 to 25 euros
  • Entrance to monuments : 5 to 10 euros per person