Museums and Theaters in New Hampshire

USS Albacore in Portsmouth

Theater and opera houses

The Music Hall
The Music Hall was built in 1878, making it one of the oldest theaters in the country. Music Hall operators say it is the oldest performing theater in New Hampshire. Visitors will find performances of concerts, readings, but also films and dance.

Contact 28 Chestnut St
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Newport Opera House
The Newport Opera House was built in 1886 and was considered the house with the largest stage north of the city of Boston. In its red stone look, the Newport Opera House enchants visitors even before the performances. Because of the tower, associations with a church cannot be avoided.

Contact 20 Main Street
Newport, New Hampshire 03773

Rochester Opera House
The Rochester Opera House opened in 1908 and was a sensation at the time due to its movable floor. The floor of the Rochester Opera House can be raised or lowered to make room for visitors or to get a level dance floor. The Rochester Opera House also serves as a political location. Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton have already made speeches here. The Rochester Opera House can accommodate over 800 visitors.

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Contact 31 Wakefield Street
Rochester, New Hampshire 03867

Museums and exhibitions

Museum of New Hampshire History in Concord
The Museum of New Hampshire History in the city of Concord is dedicated to the history of the state of New Hampshire and was opened in 1995. The museum is operated by the New Hampshire Historical Society, founded in 1823. The collection of these includes over 30,000 different objects, 50,000 books, 1.5 million manuscripts, 800,000 newspapers and over 200,000 photographs.

Contact 6 Eagle Square
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner
The Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner near Concord is the only museum in New Hampshire dedicated to the history and culture of the Indians. In addition to the exhibition of original objects, the museum also offers its visitors tours of the Medicine Woods Nature Trail in order to bring visitors into contact with plants. The museum’s exhibits range from kayaks and teepees to pipes for peace.

Contact 18 Highlawn Road
Warner, New Hampshire 03278

Currier Museum of Art in Manchester
The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, which specializes in American and European art. The museum, founded in 1929, was formerly known as the Currier Gallery of Art. The collection includes paintings, photographs and sculptures. The museum has works by Picasso, Matisse and Monet.

Contact 150 Ash Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03104

Woodman Institute Museum in Dover
The Woodman Institute Museum in the city of Dover was opened in 1916 and has been dedicated to history, science and art ever since. The museum is spread over 3 buildings, all built in the style of the Federal. The museum is best known for its large collection of rocks and minerals. But the collection has other highlights to offer, such as the saddle used by Abraham Lincoln shortly before his murder. Furthermore, on the site of the museum is the William Damm Garrison, which was built in 1675 and is therefore the oldest surviving garrison in the USA today.

Contact 182 Cental Ave
Dover, New Hampshire 03820

Monuments and memorials

Fort at Number 4 in Charlestown
Fort at Number 4 is a reconstruction of a fort from the mid-18th century. The fort was the northernmost British fort on the Connecticut River and served, among other things, as an operational base in the wars against the French and Indians. Nowadays you can also find the representation of life in the fort in earlier times, so it is a “living history museum”. And if you get enough of the fort, you can relax on the banks of the Connecticut River.

Contact 267 Springfield Road
Charlestown, New Hampshire 03603

USS Albacore in Portsmouth

USS Albacore in Portsmouth
The USS Albacore was launched on August 1, 1953. The submarine was built primarily for experimental purposes, making the USS Albacore the first submarine in the United States in a modern waterdrop shape to reduce water resistance. Since the USS Albacore was only used for testing purposes, it was never armed and was decommissioned in 1972. Since 1986 the USS Albacore has been found in the city of Portsmouth, on land where it can be viewed.

Contact 600 Market Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801