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Worcester Art Museum

Museums, exhibitions and Mayflower

Battle Road Trail in Boston
The Battle Road Trail is located in Concord and is around 9 km long. You can explore the historic site, which is about the American Wars of Independence, on foot or by bike.

Boston Children’s Museum
If you want to dedicate the day to your children, you should go to the colorful Boston Children’s Museum. The museum is particularly recommended for small children, whereas the Museum of Science has adventures for all ages.

Boston Public Library in Boston
The Boston Public Library was built according to plans by the architect Charles McKim in 1888-95 in the Italian Renaissance style

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster
The Natural History Museum in Brewster on Cape Cod is dedicated to providing information about the rich flora and fauna of Cape Cod. If you are on site, you should then walk along the pretty wooden path at the museum to the beach.

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Clark Art Institute in Williamstown
If you visit the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, you will come across paintings from the 19th century. In addition to famous Impressionists from France such as Renoir, you can also see paintings by American artists such as Winslow Homer.

Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst
The house where the poet Emily Dickinson lived and worked in Amherst for years is now open to the public and gives an idea of ​​what she was like. If you visit the house, a tour is included in the admission price.

Freedom Trail in Boston
The Freedom Trail is a five-kilometer red line running down the sidewalks through Boston. It leads to the sites of the American independence movement; begins at Boston Common City Park, the oldest public park in the United States, and leads to Charlestown; 16 important sites from this historical period are passed through, for example the Old State House.

Hancock Shaker Village near Pittsfield
The Shakers are a sect that founded the Hancock Shaker Village at the end of the 18th century. You are immersed in a foreign world where you can learn a lot about the way the sect lives. The shakers invented the stone round barn.

Heritage Museum & Gardens in Sandwich
As the name of the museum in Sandwich suggests, you can find out more about folk art here. A classic car exhibition, a pretty card and a carousel for the little ones complete the visit.

Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester
In the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, those interested in old weapons get their money’s worth. Once a private collection of a steel baron for the preservation of military memorabilia, the museum is now open to the public.

Highland House Museum in Truro
In the Highland House Museum in Truro you will learn a lot about the life of local fishermen and farmers, because this museum is dedicated to them.

Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston
The building itself, which was built in the avant-garde style, is worth seeing. Inside there is a top-class museum for contemporary art.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum houses a unique art collection; Built in 1899-1903 in the style of a Venetian palace; Covered courtyard with Roman mosaic floors from the 2nd century. and balconies from 15th century Venetian buildings; antique furniture, carpets and sculptures; European masterpieces from the Renaissance to Impressionism.

John F.Kennedy Museum in Boston
The John F.Kennedy Museum in Boston and the associated library are located in an unmistakable building on Boston Harbor. It was designed by Pei and now serves as a JFK memorial. In addition to exhibits, you can watch key scenes from his career in an integrated cinema.

John F.Kennedy Hyannis Museum
As the name suggests, the John F.Kennedy Hyannis Museum is dedicated to the life of the 35th US President. Numerous exhibits and photos commemorate him and his family.

Mayflower II. In Plymouth
In the port of Plymouth is a replica of the legendary Mayflower, with which the ship of the same name with 102 passengers and 30 crew members – the “Pilgrim fathers”, Puritan Christians from England – landed on the Cape Cod peninsula on November 21, 1620. The approximately 1,033 km² peninsula got its name in 1602 due to its large cod deposits. The Pilgrim Fathers were also the founding fathers of the city of Plymouth, where the Mayflower anchored on December 21.

Man National Historic Park in Concord
The Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord is designed to commemorate the historic event in which the British invaded Concord and lost there for the first time to the American militia, also known as Minutemen.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Williamstown
The largest contemporary art museum in the United States, also known as MassMoCA, offers everything an artist’s heart desires. If you are on site, you should plan a lot of time to visit the museum!
Often you can experience dance and theater performances in the museum.

Museum of Afro-American History in Boston
The Museum of Afro-American History in Boston gives you an impression of the way of life in the African American community in Boston.

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
The Museum of Fine Arts is a popular art museum in Boston. Numerous paintings by famous international artists such as Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gaugin, Auguste Renoir, Édouard Manet, Edvard Munch are on display here. If you want to visit the museum, it makes sense to plan a full afternoon for it.

Museum of Science in Boston
The Museum of Science is an interactive exhibition. One can do experiments on natural and. The Hayden Planetarium attracts with laser shows and current presentations, the IMAX cinema “Mugar Omni Theater” has great 3-D performances with relevant topics.

Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge
The famous American illustrator Norman Rockwell not only lived in the pretty town of Stockbridge for many years, but was also inspired by her appearance and its people for his work. The Norman Rockwell Museum exhibits many of his paintings.

Falmouth Ocean Science Exhibition Center
WHOI, one of the world’s leading marine research institutes, is based in Falmouth, Cape Cod. To learn more about the facility, it is worth visiting the Ocean Science Exhibition Center.

Essex Museum in Salem
Salem was a rich seafaring place and mainly traded with the Far East. The Peabody Essex Museum informs visitors about the city’s past and rewards you with exhibits from the Pacific region and partly from America.

Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology in Boston
The Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology in Boston is about the indigenous people of America. Thanks to excellent exhibits, the past gets into the present!

Plimoth Plantation Village
A special highlight is the Plimoth Plantation Village, because a pilgrimage village from the 17th century was rebuilt here and invites visitors to live a few hours as the pilgrims of the United States once did. In addition to typical food, you also learn a lot about their way of living and talking.
A hit for children too!

Provincetown Art Association & Museum in Provincetown
The Provincetown Art Association & Museum is, on the one hand, an association of artists created in 1914, and a museum dedicated to the works of artists, which has in common that they differ from the hip city of Provincetown be inspired by what is shown in her work.

Sandwich Glass Museum
Since Sandwich was once a center of glass blowing, the Sandwich Glass Museum is committed to remembering it today. In addition to old glasswork, you can experience how glass is made every hour on the hour thanks to a performance.

Williamstown College Museum of Art
As the name suggests, the Williamstown College Museum of Art is located on the grounds of the college and, along with two other museums in North Adams, is particularly worth seeing. Friends of American art get their money’s worth here. In addition to Andy Warhol, works by Edward Hopper are also on display.

Woods Hole Science Aquarium on Cape Cod
Just right for kids! In the Woods Hole Science Museum on Cape Cod, you not only learn a lot about the different residents of our oceans, you can even touch some animals in the petting pool!

Worcester Art Museum
If you are traveling near Worcester, a visit to the impressive Worcester Art Museum is a must. In addition to American artists such as Whistler, the museum focuses on French Impressionism.

Worcester Art Museum