Museums and Theaters in Idaho

Boise Water Shed and the Discovery Center of Idaho

Theater and opera houses

Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts in Boise
Located on the Boise State University campus, the Velma V. Morrison Center is the leading center for the performing arts in Idaho. Located directly on the Boise River, the ten-story stage house offers an incredible view of the river, the city and the nearby parks. The name goes back to the widow of Harry W. Morrison, who fulfilled a lifelong dream with the realization of the Center for Art and Culture. The gates of “Boise Broadway” were opened for the first time in April 1984 and since then it is not uncommon for all 2,000 seats to be completely filled.

The Boise Philharmonic in Boise
The roots of the 70-piece professional orchestra go back to 1885, when it was still called the Boise City Orchestra. Today’s and resulting Philharmonie in Boise was founded in 1960 and has delighted more than 50,000 concert lovers with their pieces since then. Most of these are performed at the Morrison Center, but the Swayne Auditorium in Nampa, the Jewett Auditorium in Caldwell, and smaller concert halls in the state also fill with spectators every year. The Philharmonie also offers a variety of educational programs for children and adolescents, but primarily performs masterpieces by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart or new composers such as Jim Cockey and David Alan Earnest.

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Sun Valley Center for the Arts
The Sun Valley Center’s main gallery is in Ketchum, but has a second showroom in Hailey. It is the oldest art organization in Idaho’s central Wood River Valley and has developed on a grand scale since 1971. With 25,000 visitors annually, the art center records more visitors than the region has residents. The center exhibits six exhibitions of fine and contemporary art annually, but also offers multidisciplinary projects such as music and dance performances or discussions with leading authors and thinkers.

Egyptian Theater in Boise
The Egyptian Theater (also called ADA) is the leading historical theater in Boise, built in 1927 by Tourtellotte & Hummel. It is located in the heart of downtown – right between Main Street and Capitol Boulevard. The ADA is one of Idaho’s most valued historical landmarks. The venue is surrounded by a warm and lovingly restored flair and is characterized by Egyptian details. The gold-decorated front stage in particular is a striking hallmark of the auditorium, where concerts, film festivals and opera performances take place.

Boise Contemporary Theater
The Boise Contemporary Theater (BCT for short) is a small but extremely professional theater in the heart of Boise’s cultural district – located at 854 Furlton Street. BCT’s first productions began in 1996, and since then it has been the only theater in Idaho that specializes exclusively in the performance of contemporary works. The BTC says about itself that it invents, produces and presents lively and dynamic plays on permanent topics, and illuminates them under current backgrounds. The BTC listed some world-class pieces; including “Last of the Breed” by Maria Dahvana Headly.

Boise Little Theater
The Boise Little Theater was founded in 1948 and has been located at 100 E. Fort Street in Boise since 1957. Since its inception, the BLT has produced pieces of almost all genres: comedies, dramas and musicals as well as contemporary and classic. It describes itself as a voluntary non-profit organization with an unwavering dedication to amateur theatrics. It is also one of the oldest community theaters in the United States.

Idaho Center in Nampa
The Idaho Center in Nampa is approximately 25 km from Boise and one of the most versatile venues in the western United States. It lies between Portland (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Salt Lake City (Utah) and Reno (Nevada) and is therefore centrally accessible from several states. The Idaho Center consists of an amphitheater, a sports center for indoor athletics events, an extra park for horse shows and an indoor arena. The indoor arena first opened in 1997 and has a capacity of 12,279 spectators. It is mainly used for concerts, rodeos and trade fairs.

Museums and exhibitions

The Museum of Idaho
Once a library, the Museum of Idaho is now the leading museum in the display of exceptional art in Idaho. It can be found in Falls in Bonneville County. The non-profit organization was founded in 1982 and, thanks to a generous donation from its community, was able to build a Masonic temple in 2003, in which exhibitions are shown. The museum pays particular attention to the expression of the natural and human sciences as well as natural and cultural history.

Boise Art Museum
The Boise Art Museum (short BAM) is a non-profit educational organization on 670 Julia Davis Drive in Boise. The museum’s mission is to inspire its visitors with fine arts and to impart new experience through the display of exhibitions and collections, but also through educational opportunities and joint learning. The museum was founded in 1937 and registered in 1961 as a non-profit organization. The BAM is among the few 4% of museums in the United States that is accredited by the American Association of Museum and has greatly promoted cultural life in Boise.

Idaho Potato Museum
Idaho is known for its potatoes – so in 1912 it was decided to dedicate an entire museum to the favorite agricultural product. The Idaho Potato Museum is located in the old Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot in Blackfoot and provides information about the development of the potato industry in Idaho. In addition to potato history, nutritional information, cultivation and harvesting methods, the first potato that was planted in Idaho is on display. The Pringles company will also be presenting the largest potato chip of its previous production there. It measures almost 64 cm.

World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise
The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit organization in Idaho that aims to protect birds of prey that are threatened with extinction. The Peregrine was founded in 1970 and since then has been a small but successful group headquartered in the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise. The 580 ha site includes an information center, several archives, a falconry and several breeding facilities. With the help of the Peregrine 1999 z. For example, the peregrine falcon can be removed from the list of endangered bird species that they had studied and bred for over 30 years and later released into the wild.

Basque Museum and Cultural Center in Boise
The small historical museum was founded in 1985 to give an insight into the heritage of the Basque communities in Idaho and the surrounding area. The museum’s mission is to immortalize Basque history in Idaho. Thanks to a lot of help and support from the local Basque communities, the museum was able to establish itself as an authentic cultural institution in Boise: The preservation of history and culture through education, research, social activities and collections (numerous photographs, manuscripts and records) – that is the aim of the Center.

Idaho Black History Museum in Boise
The Idaho Black History Museum is located in the historic St. Paul Baptist Church in Julia Davis Park in Boise. It offers exhibitions and educational programs on racism and discrimination against African Americans in the United States and Idaho and tries to build bridges between people of different cultures. Lectures, workshops and the showing of films are intended to bring young people in particular closer together in order to move towards the future. The organizers are particularly proud of their three oil paintings by Martin Luther King, Jr., Anne Frank and Mother Theresa, which of course illustrate their mission with art.

Boise Water Shed and the Discovery Center of Idaho
The Discovery Center in Boise is an important educational institution of the city and all of Idahos. The words sustainability and environmental protection are capitalized here and should be taught in several “environmental education” and educational programs. Children in particular should be taught a certain love of nature. But not only exhibitions and information days are the order of the day here, but also joint excursions to the local and unique surroundings, where animals are observed or plants and banks are examined.

Boise Water Shed and the Discovery Center of Idaho