MONCLER Relocate The Fashion Feathers

Of Metallized nylon and colors bright, This is how the feathered creatures more arise trendys for this autumn-winter. The Italian firm is part of this guilt MONCLER, who for several seasons has taken to this mythical jacket filled with feathers as one of its most representative items. So much so that he has turned them into exclusive parts and many of them come to overcome long 500 euros.

Who was going to tell us that those horrible plumíferos We brought in our collegiate stage would be transformed later in an authentic fashion. In fact we saw them for several seasons in some firms such as Zara and Pull and Bear with more affordable prices and a quite gotten design. This year the trend is to take them to the waist and not too big. The color that most triumphs is the Red and the Black, both versions of metallic luster with which it will be very difficult to go unnoticed.

I personally believe that this is a garment that or you love or you don’t buy you in life, in my case I prefer rather by the latter, since I’ve never liked like Michelin snowman. But what no one doubts is that you it’s a garment very versatile and extremely abrigosa that I can live without any doubt to snow or a holiday in Helsinki.

In addition to being manufactured in nylon do not lose their properties of impermeability, so we will also be covered in case of rain. Its quilted down structure is the real Queen of this winter, light and comfortable and over does not pass neither the cold nor the humidity. So if you like the feathers you’re in luck because this season they are more fashionable than ever. Mr. welcome Winter!!