Mississippi Interesting Places and Maps

Map of Mississippi

Historically interesting places

The Crossroads in Clarksdale
Where Highway 49 and Highway 61 intersect is where the blues musician Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil. In return, Johnson should have talent for playing the guitar. In fact, his guitar playing improved quickly and Robert Johnson was and is known as the “King of the Delta Blues”.

Windsor Ruins at Port Gibson
The Windsor Ruins, which are located approximately 16 km south of the city of Port Gibson in the southwest of Mississippi, are the remains of the former Windsor plantation. This plantation or villa was built from 1859 to 1861 and was the largest of its kind in Mississippi. The antebellum-style villa survived the civil war, but in 1890 a fire destroyed the villa. Today’s remains are the former stone pillars that were placed around the villa. These now protrude ghostly at this point and have already been used as a location in several films due to the mystical appearance.

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Contact Highway 522, Port Gibson, Mississippi

Beauvoir (Jefferson Davis Home) in Biloxi
The Beauvoir or Jefferson Davis Home was the home for Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern States after the American Civil War. The entire complex still covered 2.4 km² during Davis’s lifetime and today there are still a good 210,000 m² of it left. The building was erected in 1848 and today it houses a museum. Unfortunately, the building was very badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, but the building was restored again.

Contact 2244 Beach Boulevard
Biloxi, Mississippi 39531

Fort Massachusetts at Gulf Port
Fort Massachusetts is a former U.S. Army fort on West Ship Island near the town of Gulf Port. Construction of the fort began in 1859, but was delayed by the American Civil War, and the fort was only completed in 1866. The fort was decommissioned in 1903. Fort Massachusetts is a brick rondelle. The fort is now part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and can be reached by boat, but fortunately there is a passenger ferry.

Special buildings and structures

Mississippi Governor’s Mansion in Jackson
The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion in the city of Jackson is the home of the Mississippi governor. The building was built from 1839 to 1842 in the Greek Revival Style, making it the second oldest or second longest continuously used residence of a governor in the United States. The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion was designed by William Nichols. This was also responsible for the construction of the old capitol building.

Contact 300 East Capitol Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Rowan Oak in Oxford
Rowan Oak, also known as William Faulkner House, was the home of Nobel Laureate William Faulkner, who spent the last 30 years of his life here. The building was built in the Greek Revival Style in the 1840s. In 1972 the house was bought by the University of Mississippi and is still a memory of Faulkner and is said to increase interest in his works. If you want, you can book a guided tour or explore the house and property on your own.

Contact 917 Old Taylor Road
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

New State Capitol in Jackson
The New State Capitol is the state seat of Mississippi in the city of Jackson. The New State Capitol was built between 1901 and 1903 and has served as the seat of parliament since then. The building is built in the classic French Beaux Arts style at the turn of the century. On the top of the rotunda is a 2.50 m high, gold-plated eagle with spread, five-meter-long wings. Inside, the rotunda is decorated with Italian marble. The New State Capitol is the third state capitol to be built in Mississippi.

Contact 400 High St
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Old State Capitol in Jackson
The Old State Capitol in the city of Jackson is the former state seat of the state of Mississippi. The building was completed in 1937 and used from then until 1903. Then Parliament moved to the New State Capitol. The rotunda of the Old State Capitol is approximately 28 m high and the entire building is in the style of the then very popular neoclassical building style. Nowadays, the Old State Capitol is a free museum and is called the State Historical Museum. It is dedicated to its own history and the history of the state of Mississippi.

Contact 100 South State Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Beau Rivage Casino Hotel in Biloxi
The Beau Rivage Casino Hotel in the city of Biloxi is located directly on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and was reopened in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. At a height of approximately 105 m, the Beau Rivage Casino Hotel is the tallest building in the state of Mississippi. When it opened in 1999, the Beau Rivage Casino Hotel was the largest hotel / casino complex outside of Las Vegas. The Beau Rivage Casino Hotel has a total of 1,740 rooms and offers gamblers the opportunity to challenge their luck on an area of ​​approx. 6,700 m².

Contact 875 Beach Blvd
Biloxi, Mississippi 39530

Old Vicksburg Bridge
The Old Vicksburg Bridge is an old Gerberträgerbrücke that spans the Mississippi near the city of Vicksburg. The bridge has a length of 2,605 m and has been on the list of historical buildings since 1989. The bridge could still be used until 1998. Today the newer Vicksburg Bridge is located right next to the Old Vicksburg Bridge and has a length of 3,954 m.

John C. Stennis Space Center at Gulfport
The John C. Stennis Space Center, located west of the city of Gulfport, on the border with the state of Louisiana, is the largest facility for testing rocket engines. The plant was built in 1961 and now covers an area of ​​approx. 55 km². The drives for the Apollo program, the Space Shuttle and the SpaceShipOne were developed and tested here. At the facility’s visitor center, also known as StenniSphere, visitors will find exhibitions on NASA’s activities and space in general.

Contact 1 Stennis Space Center
John C. Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 39529

Map of Mississippi

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