Michigan – The Wolverine State

Michigan – The Wolverine State

Michigan, the Wolverine State (“glutton state”), its abbreviation is MI. In addition to The Wolverine State, nicknames such as The Great Lakes State, The Automotive State, and Water-Winter Wonderland are also used. The largest city in Michigan is Detroit, but the capital is Lansing. The state of Michigan covers 250,941 km², of which 147,255 km² is land. It is located in the Great Lakes region which forms a natural border with Canada. The name Michigan is a Frenchification of the word mishigama from the Ojibwe language, meaning “great water” or “great lake”.

According to EJIAXING, Michigan ranks eighth on the list of most populous states in the United States. The state borders four of the five Great Lakes and Lake Saint Clair. It is the largest state east of the Mississippi in terms of land area. Michigan became the 26th state of the United States on January 26, 1837. During the American Civil War , she belonged to the Union side.

Isle Royale National Park

In the huge lake of Lake Superior is the island of Isle Royale in the northwest corner. Isle Royale is the largest of all the islands located here. The park includes this island and some surrounding islands with a total area of ​​2315 square kilometers. The island is surrounded by more than two hundred small islands and was itself formed from volcanoes, ice and water. The ancient rocks, over one billion years old, and the lava beds have been formed by water erosion into valleys and ridges that together form the backbone of this island.

One of these ridges extends the full length of the island: Greenstone Ridge. The last ice age has ensured that there are many lakes, streams and inlets in this park, full of wild animals and still untouched nature. There are no roads through the park and you can only visit it by seaplane or boat.

Cars are not allowed on the island at all. There is in fact no more than 260 km of footpaths and nothing else. Transportation options include the legs, a boat or canoe, and seaplanes. The island consists of rather dense vegetation and it is strongly advised not to leave the beaten track. During a visit to the park it is advisable not to leave any personal belongings and/or provisions unattended because the squirrels and foxes will ensure that you will miss some of those items in no time.

The park is open from mid-May to mid-October. The temperature in the park rarely exceeds 27 degrees and the evenings are cool. Dense to very dense fog is a common occurrence in the spring and thunderstorms are also a normal phenomenon.

The flag of Michigan

Michigan – The Wolverine State

Extra information

  • Wolverine State state slogan
  • State flower Apple blossom
  • State tree White pine
  • State bird Robin
  • State bug none