Michigan Interesting Places and Maps

Map of Michigan

Historically interesting places

Ernest Hemingway Cottage
The small cottage on Walloon Lake in northern Michigan was added to the United States’ National Register of Historic Places in 1968. Also known as Windemere, the little house was revealed to the public as a memorial after Ernest Hemingway’s death. It was built in 1900 and served it as a retreat and vacation home for about 20 years.

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Fort Michilimackinac
Between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan is Fort Michilimackinac, an originally French, later British trading post that was built around 1715. The fort was particularly the location of many French fur traders who were traveling on the Sankt-Lorenz-Strom and had more economic than military significance. Today, the former base – one of the first French of its kind in the United States – is a focal point for tourists in Mackinaw City. The fort was placed under monument protection in 1960.

USS Silversides

The USS Silversides, also SS-236, is a Gato-class submarine that was used by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The SS-236 was the first in its class. It was sent to Pearl Habour for its first mission in 1942 – 14 additional war missions followed until 1945. Today the renowned Silversides – she brought 23 boats to sink – can inspect in Muskegon, Michigan. The submarine is approximately 95 m long.

The Guardian Building is a 149m tall, historic Art Deco style skyscraper located in Detroit’s financial center and listed as a Historic Monument. It was completed in 1929, after just one year of construction, and has served as the headquarters for many first-class companies since then. It has a total of 36 floors. The Guardian Building has received numerous nominations for being one of the most interesting and historic buildings in the United States due to its cathedral-like design. It’s worth a visit

Special buildings and structures

Fisher Building in Detroit
The Fisher Building is a skyscraper in New Center, the heart of Detroit – one of the greatest architectural successes of the architect Albert Kahn. The ornate building was constructed in 1928 by him and other architects in Art Deco style and was constructed from various types of marble, granite and limestone. The 130 m high building was financed by the Fisher family. Originally, 60 floors were built by the architect Joseph Nathaniel French, which, however, could never be completed due to the Great Depression in 1929 – today there are only 30 floors with offices, radios and exhibitions.

Cadillac Place
Known as Cadillac Place since 2002, the building originally went down in history as the General Motors Building. Built in 1919, it initially served as the headquarters for the automobile manufacturer and went down in history as a symbol of one of the largest manufacturing groups. Today the box-shaped building with its innumerable small windows mainly serves the administration and government of Detroit. It is 67.1 m high, has 15 floors and 402,702 m² of office space.

GM Renaissance Center in Detroit

The GM Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit is a group of contiguous skyscrapers belonging to General Motors that house the dealership’s headquarters, among other things. A total of seven buildings belong to the huge complex on the Detroit River. One of them is the Detroit Marriot Hotel at the Renaissance Center, the largest hotel in the western hemisphere at 221 m. It has a total of 72 floors and 1298 rooms.

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
The Windsor Tunnel is one of the largest tunnels in the world and connects the cities of Michigan and Windsor (Canada). It was completed in 1930 and records up to 28,000 vehicles a day on its 1,560 m length. At its lowest point is the Windsor Tunnel, which crosses the Detroit River, 23 m below the water level.

Stannard Rock Light

The Stannard Rock Light, completed in 1883, is a lighthouse in Lake Superior. It is located on a reef that once posed a huge threat to ships on the lake. Today, its base is considered one of the greatest engineering achievements in the United States. At 39 km from land, the Stannard Rock Light is the most distant lighthouse in the United States – its light cannot be seen from land. It was placed under a preservation order in 1971.

State Capitol in Lansing
The State Capitol of the State of Michigan was established between 1873-1879 and is located in the main state of Lansing in Ingham County. It is the seat of the legislature and executive. The building is approx. 81 m high, has 4 floors and, with its high, narrow windows, is reminiscent of the Italian style, which began in Italy in the 16th century. Directly in front of the State Capitol’s main entrance is a statue of Governor Austin Blair, who campaigned against slavery during the War of Independence.

Map of Michigan

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