Miami and Panama’s Trucco Collection

And continue with trends for this summer, this time by the firm Trucco. We had already seen some signature outfits, but now they bring us more news with two other lines: Panama and Miami, two name very exotic, perfect for the summer.

MiamiThe look Sailor is the big winner of this summer, and as the Miami line reflected. L´motiv of this line plays with pictorial strokes, landscapes where water marina, whitewashed walls and vegetation, define the color smooth or stamped from functional and feminine items that do not renounce the details. I ask me dress cut romantic (first image). It is stylish, pretty and looks comfortable.

Cut organic forms, they conquer the plain and printed finishes, these last are the figurative drawings that resemble drawings of the artistic avant-garde of the last century.

According to, carved on fabrics soft and delicate garments, very feminine, cotton, silk and yarn that they define camisoles, skirts to the knee, dresses with sleeves butterfly or Word of honor, and pants that play at the height the ankle giving a touch cruise.

Add-ins they follow the same color palette, either following the same reflection of color as the clothes or creating contrast with these. Bags very stylish, full of romantic such as bows and flower details. And delicate shoes but comfortable height. Long necklaces, wide bracelets and belts in monocolour version are responsible for putting the finishing touch to these looks attracted by fresh marine.


Bright, vibrant tones create contrast with smooth finish in black and white. Garments with tribal motifs in dresses of multiple lines, prints that recreate the kaleidoscope effect on tissue translucent as the gauze in camisoles.

And details floral flowing on slopes of flight that customize the collection Panama, addressed to a cosmopolitan woman. And is that these proposals are perfect for looks day and go to the office.

The colorful and cheerful color game, becomes a radiant image, such as this red dress, the firm presents and expressed with bright colors, emphasizing an exoticism in clothing design and always marked by the details.

Add-ins are engaged this colorful spirit, with natural, such as the skin and wood finished and multicolored beads. Necklaces adorn the looks in the form of cascade belts marked hips and XXL bags combined with Roman sandals and heels wedge.