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Theater and opera houses

Berklee Performance Center in Boston
In the sacred halls of the renowned music school Berklee in Boston, more precisely in the Berklee Performance Center, you can enjoy concerts by well-known artists as well as graduates of the college.

Calvin Theater in Northampton
The Calvin Theater in Northampton offers enough space for lovers of various events. Every form of variety is represented here, from rock concerts to comedy shows.

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Charles Playhouse in Boston
Who doesn’t know the BlueManGroup! The breathtakingly colorful stage show originated here in the Charles Playhouse in Boston. Even today, the home theater can inspire many viewers with its underground ambience.

Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston
If you are visiting Boston in the summer, you should go to the open-air stage on the Charles River in Boston on a warm summer evening, because here, at the Hatch Memorial Shell, numerous free concerts take place during the summer months, among the locals are very popular.

Opera House in Boston
The beautifully restored Opera House in Boston dates from 1920 and is an absolute blink catcher. Inside the building you can experience old Broadway productions.

Symphony Hall in Boston
The Boston Symphony Hall is home to the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops Orchestra. A concert is a must when visiting Boston.

Wang Theater in Boston
The impressive building of the Wang Theater from 1925 is known for its delightful dance and drama performances and is also one of the largest theaters in New England.

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