Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland

Cities, like people, often have nicknames in addition to official names. Joking or respectful, they seem to reflect the warm attitude of neighbors to these parts. Perhaps this is how they treat Lublin in Poland, which is often called the “Goat City” or “Small Krakow”. After all, this wonderful city is as beautiful and original as Krakow, and at the same time (yet) it is not oversaturated with tourists. But Lublin is called the “Goat City” because of the white goat depicted on its coat of arms, about to feast on the vine.

The location of the city historically determined its closest connection with its neighbors: Ukrainians and Belarusians. Even city signs remind of this, some of which are written in these Slavic languages. In addition, in Ukrainian and Belarusian, in addition to Polish and English, an information brochure about the Lublin Voivodeship, Brest and Volyn Regions – “Euroregion Bug” is published every month. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Poland.

In communicating with local residents, those who do not know Polish will also be helped out by Ukrainian and Belarusian: there are many students who speak these languages. In addition, almost all young people speak excellent English, but older people can still answer you in Russian.

How to get to Lublin

Lublin is located in the valley of the river Bystrica. But it cannot be reached by water, nor by air – there is no airport in the city. It remains to get on the ground. For example, on your own or rented car. Everything is clear here: hire a car (from 20 EUR per day, depending on the place of rent and car class), and then follow one of the autobahns to the place. If you are coming from Warsaw, then the whole trip along the route 17 or E372 will take you about 2.5 hours.

Railway communication with Lublin is excellent. It can be reached by train not only from Warsaw (journey time 2.3 hours, ticket price from 9.60 EUR to 15) and other Polish cities, but also from neighboring countries. For example, from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine: from Kyiv, Lvov and Odessa there are several flights that will take the tourist to Lublin. But from Belarus you will have to get to this city with transfers, changing the train and bus.

You can get to your destination by direct bus from Warsaw in 3.5 hours, paying 5-6 EUR. There are also direct flights to Goat City from other EU countries and from Ukraine.


City transport in Lublin is represented by trolleybuses and buses. Tickets for them are sold at kiosks at public transport stops, the most expensive (prices depend on whether the municipal bus or private) costs about 70 euro cents.

With regret, we warn you that Lublin pickpockets are also happy with tourists, but in their own way, so you should not lose your vigilance in transport.

In summer, the city authorities launch several sightseeing trolleybuses especially for tourists. You can ride them on Sundays, for only 1-1.5 EUR. The routes start from the Krakow Gate, are marked with different colors and take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the subject of the tour.

Hotels in Lublin

Hotel prices in the city start at an average of 43 EUR (for example, in Campanile Lublin rooms from 35 EUR per night). Of particular note is the Bramma cafe, where you can stay overnight in a cozy and tidy room for 27 EUR. Breakfast is not included in the price, but in a cafe it would be somehow illogical. And, of course, in such large hotels as prices start from 48 EUR (this is how much an economy class single costs, a double – already from 66). I must say that, despite the high quality of service and fame, the slightly more expensive Vanilla hotel, located in the same area, has recently been ahead of the Lublinianka rating.

Budget accommodation in Lublin is still rather scarce, but there are a couple of hostels with prices from 9 EUR here – these are Lublin and Guest House Wytchnienie.

Cuisine and restaurants in Lublin

Cafes and restaurants are literally at every step. No wonder: the city is large, not only for tourists, but also for students. And the eternally hungry students need to be fed hearty and cheap. That is why all kinds of pizzerias, cafes, pubs and restaurants abound in the city. So choose any institution you like and sit down at a table, getting ready to eat well for about 6-7 EUR.

In more reputable establishments, such as the Magic restaurant, prices are higher and one dish will cost so much. Although everything is planned there in such a way that even for this amount you can join the local cuisine. Speaking of local cuisine! Be sure to try cebulage – an incredibly delicious wheat cake with poppy seeds and onions. You really will not taste this anywhere else, this is an exclusively Ljubljana dish. You can drink local beer Perla (in the cold season it is heated with spices) or use a glass of local vodka infused with herbs for cebulage.

Shopping and stores

Modern supermarkets and shops are concentrated in large shopping centers in Lublin. The most famous of them are Olympus Gallery, Plaza Center, Centrum (even two, on Krakow Suburb Street and Thomas Zahn Street). All things of famous Polish brands, a variety of electronics and more can be bought here. If you want to buy gizmos with national flavor or in vintage style, then go hiking through the numerous souvenir shops of the Old Town.

Entertainment and attractions of Lublin

Probably everyone who remembers history a little bit knows that during the Great Patriotic War, a fascist death camp, Majdanek, operated within the city. Now a memorial complex has been opened on this terrible place, where many peaceful Jews and Slavs were killed. If you want to visit it, please note that some of the exhibitions are not suitable for children. Entrance to the museum is free, you only need to pay for the car park if you are traveling by car.

Other attractions in Lublin are much more peaceful. Of course, first of all it is architecture. The Lublin Castle, built in the 14th century, the Cathedral, the Krakow Gates, the Crown Tribunal (a wondrous urban legend is associated with it), the Holy Trinity Tower, the Dominican Order Church – the list can go on for a long time. And there is also a botanical garden, many parks and museums: the city museum, the museum of the poet Józef Chekhovich and the wonderful open-air museum of wooden architecture. In addition, as in every venerable old city, Lublin has an underground passage, where tourists are now allowed.

Lublin, Poland