Knew That This Day Would Come! Bloggers Dare with The Fashion Editorials

Thinking blogger and its evolution of the phenomenon, I have always thought that I was weird, taking into account incredible photos climbing some to teach their loosk of day to day (stress of some) not they dare to do some editorial. Jayne Min has been the first, but I’m sure that not the last.

If you remember, some time ago that you put to Jayne Min, the author of the blog Stop it right now. In the previous post to the editorial that you teach, Jayne explained the why start with the publishers. In addition to add original content to the blog, the idea is use these items that lend it for being a blogger, because as she says, Yes, bloggers are gives them or providing clothes, without interfering in your personal style.

If in your day to day not use Marni clothing because your personal style has much to do with the signature, I prefer to do things as well, away from your posts about your looks from day to day, you put me in a photo of street style and make me believe that you will with that kind of garments daily. In addition, with the style so marked has Jayne, was notary immediately.

Happened to me, see a garment and think “I like but I would not put it me”. And if they have access to that kind of clothing, why not make an editorial? Natalie Joos already does something similar on his blog, but it is not a blogger to use, is a fashion insider.