Kelly Moore-Photo Bag x Handbag

Who is engaged in professional photography, not get around buying a SLR camera. Fast then also change lenses, filters, and a whole lot of other stuff accumulate, which you have to carry to events or when traveling.

While it previously had the choice between “I cant that simply everything in my normal hand bag-is always fade” or a ugly or total ugly professional photo bag, we have now discovered the Kelly Moore camera bags which combine the functionality of a professional camera bag in the Innneren with the design of a normal hand bag, and immediately slammed.

The photo bags collection at comprises currently 12 models. Of which are seven pieces from the series “Kelly-Moore”. All bags are made of water-repellent leather material and protective internal padding. The colour spectrum ranges from classic black to a natural Brown to the gaudy red and should cover the different tastes.

The photo pockets offer space for a camera body of all conventional DSLR models, as well as a Flash and a varying number of lenses. Storage space also exists for cable, a spare battery and a mobile phone.
The bags from the Kelly-Moore series were designed by the same photographer and focus on a high degree of practicality. Especially quick changing of lenses should be facilitated so that the photographer can concentrate on his work on the ground.

The Interior of the camera bags can be adjustable dividers to fit the space needs. The model of “Posey” adds space for memory cards that can be placed in a resealable outer bag. ‘B-Hobo’ can accommodate, however, up to three lenses, and has two side pocket for mobile phone and iPod. “2Sues” can absorb both numerous credit and store cards and up to three lenses. In the model of “MiMi”, you can store up to four lenses with a maximum length of 22 cm. There’s even room for accessories.

Zippers close the large compartment of the bag and the two outer pockets on the front and a pocket on the back. There, an open compartment the size is also that it can pick up an iPad. The large interior compartment can be comfortably divided with five adjustable cutting pads. They are fixed with the help of Velcro and result in up to six separate compartments. The inner lining is in color pink held. The photo bag features a level soil which prevents it from falling when parking.

The removable shoulder strap can be adjusted to 142 centimetres in length and is equipped with a shoulder pad.Also, “MiMi” has two short shoulder strap. While the model “Classic” in the capacity of equipment meets the necessary standards, holds “Libby” room for two flashes and has a separate compartment for a 17″ large laptop.
Much storage space offers “JuJu”, which is why this photo bag is suitable to carry much equipment to a shoot, she seems too bulky for long photo tours.