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Map of Kansas

Historically interesting places

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site commemorates the struggle for equality in the city of Topeka. The centerpiece of the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is the former Monroe Elementary School that tackled segregation in schools. With the decision of the Supreme Court on May 17, 1954, racial segregation in schools was declared illegal. This was preceded by the lawsuits, which as Brown v. Board of Education from 1952 to 1954 were fought out. The memorial was established in 1992 and covers a total area of ​​approximately 7,500 m².

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Contact 1515 SE Monroe St2
Topeka, Kansas 66612

Fort Larned National Historic Site
The Fort Larned National Historic Site is located approximately 10 km west of the small town of Larned in central Kansas. The main attraction is the historic Fort Larned, which was in operation from 1859 to 1878. The fort was used to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail, especially to counter Indian attacks. The building complex of the fort comprises 9 historic buildings and these are among the best preserved from the time of the Indian Wars. The total area of ​​the memorial is approximately 3 km². The memorial has been operated as a National Historic Site since 1964 and has also been on the list of Historic Places since 1966.

Contact 1767 KS Hwy 156
Larned, Kansas 67550

Nicodemus National Historic Site
The Nicodemus National Historic Site is located in the village of Nicodemus in northwest Kansas. The memorial protects the remaining remains of the former settlement by African-Americans. This settlement is the only one of its type from the period of reconstruction, the phase of reintegration of the southern states after the civil war. The memorial was established in 1996 and covers approximately 0.65 km². A total of 5 historical buildings have been preserved. These are the Township Hall, the Episcopal Church, the Baptist Church, the St. Francis Hotel and the school building. The historic city of Nicodemus was founded around 1877.

Contact 510 Washington Avenue
Bogue, Kansas 67625

Fort Scott National Historic Site
The Fort Scott National Historic Site includes historic Fort Scott, which served as the base for the U.S. Army until the mid-19th century. During the Civil War, Fort Scott served primarily as a supply base. The memorial has been a National Historic Site since 1978 and has been on the list of historic places since 1966. Today there are 20 historic buildings on an area of ​​approx. 70,000 m².

Contact 510 Washington Avenue
Bogue, Kansas 6762

Special buildings and structures

Kansas State Capitol in Topeka
The Kansas State Capitol, also known as the Kansas Statehouse, is the seat of both the executive and legislative bodies of the State of Kansas. The State Capitol was built from 1866 to 1903. This long construction period resulted from the fact that only individual sections of the building were ever financed, first the eastern wing, then the western and finally the middle section. The dome of the State Capitol has a height of approx. 93 m and is therefore approx. 5 m higher than the dome of the US Capitol in Washington. The dome can be climbed over 296 steps as part of a tour. License plates of the state of Kansas that were produced from 2001 to 2007 show the State Capitol. A special feature inside the State Capitol is a mural by John Steuart Curry, which shows John Brown. John Brown was hanged in Charles Town, West Virginia on December 2 for treason. His portrait is the only one in a US capitol that shows someone sentenced to death for treason. The Kansas State Capitol has been on the Historic Places list since 1971.

Contact 300 Southwest 10th Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66612

Wichita City Hall
The historic Wichita City Hall is now the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. The former town hall was built in 1890 and since 1972 the building has been on the list of historic places.

Contact 204 South Main
Wichita, Kansas 67202

Dyche Hall in Lawrence
Dyche Hall is located on the University of Kansas campus in the city of Lawrence. The building was built from 1901 to 1902 and is now the seat of the Museum of Natural History. The limestone building can be assigned to the Venetian-Romanesque style and is very elaborately decorated. The tower of Dyche Hall shapes the cityscape of Lawrence and since 1974 the building has been on the list of historic places.

Contact 1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, Kansas 66045

Rosedale World War I Memorial Arch in Kansas City
The Rosedale World War I Memorial Arch in Kansas City is a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris (France). Rosedale Arch was built in 1923 to commemorate the First World War soldiers. Rosedale Arch has been on the list of Historic Places since 1977.

Contact 1403 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, Kansas 66103

Kansas Speedway in Kansas City
The Kansas Speedway in the city of Kansas City is a race track for NASCAR. It is a tri-oval course that was inaugurated in 2001 and has a route length of approx. 2.4 km. NASCAR races take place here twice a year and attract over 70,000 visitors.

Map of Kansas

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