Jewelry, Seeds and Costume Jewelery: Do You Know the Difference?

Jewels are probably the most used beauty accessories over the centuries, for being extremely attractive and for denoting certain power to the wearer. The higher the value of the piece, the more social importance the person receives.

Jewelry, Seeds and Costume Jewelery Do You Know the Difference

The beauty of these accessories is unquestionable, but not everyone could – and can – buy precious stones with genuine stones in the world’s best jewelers. The result is that, after a while, “copies” came out, products made from cheaper material to suit everyone who was interested in using an accessory identical to the expensive ones.


The jewelry usually has a design of its own. Its manufacture takes place in the own material of noble and authentic origin. In general, the piece will be produced in gold (and its variations), silver, titanium and platinum. Some models even use leather or wood, depending on the style and region in which the piece is made.

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Semi jewels

The semi-jewels (or veneers) are made very much like jewels. The difference here is the strength of the material. Simpler and more fragile than the noble material of the jewel, the semi-jewels receive a kind of cover (or bath) of noble material. They look beautiful and durable, but their interior is not 100% noble material. For example: the piece of gold receives layers of gold, but is not produced from the gold itself. The more layers the piece receives, the more durable the product will be.


Popularly, these parts do not guarantee any longevity. Costume jewelry is simple embellishments and adornments that resemble jewelry, but which do not receive any layer of noble material and are not even made from these materials. They have less natural luster and have a strong oxidation tendency.

By the characteristics of each product, you will find much difference between the prices of each store. If you are not buying your accessory in an authentic jewelry store, always ask if you are getting a semi jewelery or jewelry and calculate cost-effectiveness. There are pieces that last a long time, even if they are not genuine jewels.