Interstate 84 in Oregon

Interstate 84 in Oregon


Get started Portland
End Ontario
Length 376 mi
Length 605 km
  • 0 → Eugene / Seattle1 12th Avenue
  • 1 33rd Avenue
  • 2 Halsey Street
  • 3 Glisan Street
  • 4 Halsey Street
  • 5 82nd Avenue
  • 6 → Portland Bypass
  • 8 → Portland Bypass
  • 10 122nd Avenue
  • 13 181st Avenue
  • 14 Fairview Parkway
  • 16 238th Drive
  • 17 Marine Drive
  • 18 Jordan Road
  • 25 Grid Rock Park
  • 28 Bridal Veil
  • 29 Dalton Point
  • 30 Benson State Park
  • 35 Historic Columbia River Highway
  • 37 Historic Columbia River Highway
  • 40 Bonneville Way
  • 41 Eagle Creek Loop
  • 44 Cascade Locks
  • 47 Wyeth Road
  • 51 Wyeth Road
  • 56 Viento State Park
  • 58 Seneca Fouts Park
  • 62 Hood River
  • 63 Hood River
  • 64 Bingen
  • 69 Mosier
  • 76 Rowena
  • 82 Chenowetho
  • 83 The Dalles
  • 85 The Dalles
  • 87 The Dalles
  • 88 Riverfront Trail
  • 97 Celilo Park
  • 104 Biggs Junction
  • 109 Rufus
  • 114 Le Page Park
  • 123 Quinton Canyon Road
  • 129 Blalock Canyon Road
  • 131 unnamed road
  • 137 Arlington
  • 147 State Route 47
  • 151 Quesna County Park
  • 159 Boardman Airport
  • 164 Boardman
  • 165 Boardman
  • 168 Irrigon
  • 171 Paterson Ferry Road
  • 177 Gun Club Road
  • 178 → Kennewick / Yakima
  • 182 Hermiston
  • 188 Hermiston
  • 193 Wells Station Road
  • 198 McClintock-Lorenzen Road
  • 199 County Road 1125
  • 202 County Road 1109
  • 207 Pendleton
  • 209 Pendleton
  • 210 Pendleton
  • 213 Pendleton
  • 216 Mission
  • 224 Emigrant Road
  • 228 Evergreen Lane
  • 234 Emigrant State Park
  • 238 Meacham
  • 243 Summit Road
  • 248 NF-21
  • 252 State Route 244
  • 256 Perry
  • 257 Perry
  • 259 La Grande
  • 261 La Grande
  • 265 Union County Airport
  • 268 Hot Lake Lane
  • 270 Ladd Canyon Road
  • 273 unnamed road
  • 278 unnamed road
  • 283 Wolf Creek Lane
  • 285 North Powder
  • 298 Medical Springs Highway
  • 302 Baker City
  • 304 Baker City
  • 306 Baker City
  • 313 Old U.S. 30
  • 317 Old U.S. 30
  • 327 Durkee
  • 330 Old US 30
  • 335 Wheaterby
  • 338 Valentine Road
  • 340 Dixie
  • 342 Oregon Trail Boulevard
  • 345 Oregon Trail Boulevard
  • 353 Farewell Bend State Park
  • 356 State Route 201
  • 371 Stanton Boulevard
  • 374 Ontario
  • 376 Ontario


Interstate 84 or I -84 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Oregon. The highway runs from the largest city of Portland through the Columbia River Gorge via Pendleton and Ontario to the border with Idaho. Interstate 84 is a very diverse highway, with urban stretches, very rural stretches, rainforests, waterfalls, canyons, desert and mountain areas. Interstate 84 is 605 kilometers long in Oregon.

Travel directions

Portland I-84.

I-84 in the Columbia River Gorge.

I-84 at The Dalles.


I-84 begins near Downtown Portland on the bank of the Willamette River, where it intersects with Interstate 5. The first section of I-84 is also known as the Banfield Expressway. This is a curvy highway with 2×3 lanes and a light rail next to it. The highway is largely sunken and leads through older neighborhoods in eastern Portland and then through eastern suburbs. On the east side of Portland one crosses Interstate 205, the two highways run side by side for a short time. I-84 then runs through Portland’s eastern suburbs and suburbs, some distance from the Columbia River. The highway has 2×3 lanes all the way to Troutdale, Portland’s easternmost suburb. The Sandy River forms more or less a hard boundary between the urbanized region and the Columbia River Gorge.

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Columbia River Gorge

The route from Troutdale to The Dalles leads through the Columbia River Gorge, a mile deep canyon of the mighty Columbia River. I-84 crosses the south bank of the river, close to the water in many places. Along the highway are a whole series of nature parks. Special is Multnomah Falls, a large waterfall that can be reached from a parking lot in the central reservation of I-84. The stretch from Portland to The Dalles has few places along the route, because of the Cascade Mountains there are no north-south roads and therefore few intersecting roads along I-84. The only bridge over the Columbia River on the 90-mile stretch from Portland to Hood River is the Bridge of the Gods at Cascade Locks. The transition of the landscape on this stretch is special, from tropical rainforests to barren semi-deserts. Especially around Hood River the transition is very fast. The Dalles is located in a desert-like area. In The Dalles there is a connection to theUS 197.

Eastern Oregon

East of The Dalles, I-84 follows the Columbia River for another 80 miles east to Boardman. The canyon is a lot less deep here. This region is arid and sparsely populated, with only a few small villages. US 97 is crossed at Biggs Junction. The differences in height of the landscape here are not much more than 300 meters, around Boardman the landscape even becomes flat with circular irrigation. US 730 splits off at Boardman. Next, I-84 passes the Umatilla Chemical Depot, a large military base where chemical weapons are stored. Shortly thereafter, at Hermiston, there is an interchange with Interstate 82 that leads to Washington State. I-84 is already bending slightly to the southeast here.

Between Stanfield and Pendleton, US 395 coincides with I-84. The highway leads here through a barren steppe landscape. Pendleton is one of the few larger towns directly on the route in Eastern Oregon. Special is the route from Pendleton to La Grange, which leads through the Blue Mountains. I-84 has to overcome a 600 meter difference in height over a few kilometers here and does this with split lanes and a winding route. This is also where the highest point of I-84 is located at over 1,200 meters above sea level. I-84 also clearly bends to the southeast and partly runs due south.

West of La Grange, I-84 leads through a winding canyon, also between La Grange and North Powder, I-84 leads through a canyon. The landscape consists of barren mountains interspersed with plains with circular irrigation. The region is very sparsely populated outside the few places, I-84 crosses few through roads here. From Baker City to Ontario there is another mountain route that is about 100 kilometers long. This part has almost no place at all and leads through remote terrain. In this area, I-84 again reaches nearly 1,200 meters in elevation and leads through an area of ​​mountain ranges up to 2,000 meters. The highway is quite winding here and there. At Huntington, one first enters the valley of the Snake River, which marks the border with the state of Idaho .forms. I-84 then travels again through mountainous terrain and then reaches a flatter agricultural area at the Ontario border town. At Ontario one crosses the Snake River, after which Interstate 84 in Idaho continues towards Boise.

Interstate 84 in Oregon